Let me sa jiao, 0.00384 fate

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By joey yung, sa and ejiao, three star “because is friend ah 12 program has ended, this is not so much a variety, but rather a a mani to three people holiday, although the journey to the camera and completely relax the rest still have very big difference, but the journey of three people still full of harvest, especially the friendship between a few people.Joey Yung, A SA, A Jiao belong to a brokerage company, and belong to the same broker is responsible for, accompany each other through more than 20 years of time, from young to mature, they witnessed each other’s growth.Variety show, concert, birthday party……After more than 20 years of love, even though they don’t often see each other, they always appear beside each other at important moments.Joey Yung’s wacky can often give you a lot of ideas, in the two lovely, no problem atmosphere, let everyone judge their own immersion performance, cooking for everyone almost kitchen fire, all kinds of games are also playing happily.Ah Sa is calm and smart, can cook, can draw, every time we encounter problems will be solved, the best memory, the most rich knowledge, or the hidden Yu-Gi-oh!Every time in no hurry, with the most gentle tone, peaceful state of mind, do steady things.Gillian sensitive introverted, is the least of the three people, but also give people a sense of humor.Silently see, silently participate, more or less, less, but not enough.The journey of more than ten days is very short, but everyone is very careful, the journey is very short, but every moment is worth remembering, through the short journey, the three friends are closer, stronger, more a tacit understanding.”Let me like a child, spoiled with your love, their blooming, together more handsome.It is said that the probability of people meeting each other is 0.00384 (some say 0.00478), and the probability of being with each other for 20 years or more is even lower.It is rare to have such a friend. If you have one, congratulations to you.