Return not return: return not true have no money, say good trust

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The sketch “Not Yet” of the 2022 Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala has struck a chord with many people, with many touching lines.Ma Li said to Shen Teng, Old Shen, it’s not like we have no money. Why don’t we pay back the money?Shen Teng answer: return not really have no money?Hey, that makes sense!Nine times out of ten people who owe money and don’t pay it back have this mindset.We have this relatives in our home, it was really difficult, as long as anyone can lend a helping hand to them, there is no limit on the period, always feel that the child is not heartless.Five years later, I had not paid back any money. Every year when I went to visit my relatives during festivals, I would say it was difficult.Last year during the festival, never came back, money to buy a car, no money to pay off debts.This year when I see this sketch, I think of my relatives, do not know how they feel, but I feel a lot.This year, who owes money who walk sideways, borrow money but sentimental.The person that can lend you money is the person that trusts you most before always hang a word in the mouth: lu yao knows horsepower, time sees a person’s heart!This is how the feelings between people come out.Some people walk away, some people walk nearby.So the people who can lend you money at least trust you.Have is have, still point is point, all don’t displease you shabby, have no be have no, also won’t really turn against with you, don’t want to make go to court.But like the old Shen in the sketch is really not necessary.It is pretending to be sick, it is to ask big, or it is to brag and coax, this set of action down, the money does not give some performance fees appear to be their “white piao”.Contrast old Shen, let me think of a person – old Luo, Luo Yonghao.He was on a talk show talking about being in the hospital, and then his creditors texted him: Are you there?In?Still there?Lao Luo also responded humorously: still there!Then the creditors have the idea of personal condolences, but patients can not go empty-handed.This brings us back to the beginning of the skit. Chang Yuan and Alan go to ask for money and have to carry something.This creditor comes to the door, and takes money and things.A lot of creditors: What is this, compared to what he owes me?That’s good, but it’s the other way around.The reason why there are more and more dishonest people is that in addition to their own problems, I am afraid that creditors are also “used” to a lot of them.According to the logic of not hanging on a tree, there is that money, I earn more money, also give him to earn money slowly.But some people can do so, some people are “push their luck”, such people have no friendship, only legal principle!It’s not because we’re thin-skinned, it’s because we’re deep, old boy!Before Alan and Chang yuan left, Old Shen was still not ready to pay back the money, but the two of them took their friendship very seriously in the end.Dishonest people are really hateful, but there must be a few in the circle of these dishonest people who never ask for money or are not active in getting it.Do they really have it easy?As an old Chinese saying goes: Candy for crying children.Always force you to return money, owe money is really vexed, really return, those who do not force to return money, but is belatedly receive less than money.I am afraid that faithless people will never think of emotional level, or they can not owe money.Have they ever wondered how many of those who owe money are real friends and how many are real friendship?We Chinese most pay attention to feelings, at any time do not lose the heart, if the breach of trust is your nature, I have nothing to say, but if not, please re-establish your trust!Do you still have the epilogue?Friendship is mutual, if it becomes a bet, sooner or later a party to throw in the towel!Of course, win-win is not not possible, but, do not return?In 2022, New Year!I wish you all a prosperous year of the Tiger, tiger Fu Linmen, such as tiger Tim billion!# Let’s talk about the Spring Festival Gala # Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the pledge of eternal love only Jane heart