Only one night!Nets official bad news for Harden, arrest of Lawson, KD mad, vogel for Westbrook

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Only one night!Bad news for Harden, arrest for Lawson, KD mad, vogel says westbrook!Approaching the trade deadline, the free market has been getting busier lately.Westbrook, who struggled to join the lakers this season, has been the subject of trade rumors, but it’s clear the lakers will have a hard time making a deal for westbrook because it’s hard for a team to take him on.Earlier, Wizards legend Gilbert Arenas talked about the Lakers’ desire to trade Westbrook, saying that trading westbrook would not get them the chips they want, and that the Lakers already had the pieces to win the championship but didn’t have the resources.And here’s something to watch for: Just one night!Bad news for Harden, arrest for Lawson, KD mad, vogel says westbrook!James Harden has been ruled out of the Game due to a strained left hamstring and teammate James Claxton has also been ruled out of the game due to a strained left hamstring, according to the brooklyn Nets’ official injury report.Harden’s continued absence will make it even worse for the Nets, who are on the road with a weakened team and have lost seven in a row.Harden’s continued absence before the trade deadline has fueled speculation that he may have played his last game with the Nets.After all, rumors about his trade with Ben Simmons have intensified recently, and trade talks with the 76ers are also underway.When it comes to former Nuggets starting guard Ty Lawson, it’s easy to feel sorry for his career.Originally can have a very good future in NBA, difficult to predict his harsh personality alive destroyed their good future!However, after being eliminated by the NBA, Lawson still went his own way and continued to be in trouble!Before the CBA gold rush to him, because of improper remarks were included in the CBA foreign aid blacklist.Now came the news that Lawson had been arrested!Former NBA player Ty Lawson has been arrested in Madrid, Spain, Eurohoops reported.Lawson reportedly threw a glass bottle during an argument at a restaurant, causing injuries.A manhunt warrant was issued after the victim called police.Later that same day, Lawson was arrested after being involved in an altercation.He also caused a ruckus at Madrid’s airport with his “violent attitude”.It is no exaggeration to say that Lawson, who has a bad track record, will probably not be able to continue his basketball career in the future.KD lashed out at injured Kevin Durant, who was unable to play for the Nets, but he was busy on social media.It’s almost KD’s way of life to tear up a word of disagreement.Now, after a-Smith said on the show that if the Nets don’t win, KD will be remembered as “the guy who left Curry for Kyrie.”Soon he and his mother were tweeting back.Smith later took to social media to explain that he was just offering a perspective, not a personal one.KD is right, it is outrageous.Durant then retweeted the tweet, writing, “A Smith, since you chose ESPN as your personal channel, I’m sure you have A lot of minions to help you build momentum.If you think that’s what defines my career, you’re nothing but a complete troll, and you’re not going to embarrass the Gods.”It’s rare to see how high durant’s heart is in KD’s self-proclaimed god.Vogel said westbrook didn’t get any minutes in the lakers’ overtime win over the Knicks after coach Tony Vogel pinned him to the bench during overtime.It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Westbrook has been benched at critical times.After the game, Vogel gave the reason why Thayer did what he did.”There’s nothing wrong with any player that if they’re not good enough, they can’t play through the end of the game,” Vogel said of why he left Westbrook out in overtime.There’s nothing wrong with giving playing time to other players who you think will give your team a better chance of winning.We want to get feedback that Russ can play better in the future, and that’s what we’re looking forward to.”To be honest, vogel can’t blame westbrook in overtime because he played so badly that he had to win.After all, Westbrook is 1-for-10 from the field and a plus-15, which makes it hard to keep him on the court.