Which brand of TV box is better?Product Experience officer reveals TV Box brand list

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Nowadays, it is common to watch TV series and movies with your mobile phone or tablet, but for the elderly and children in your family, the TV is indispensable.As a digital product experience officer, Fan Ge once again recommended everyone to install a TV box, hundreds of pieces can let the TV rebirth, which brand is good about the TV box?Fan Ge himself experienced a lot of brand products, summed up a TV box brand list, for everyone to do reference.Taijie this brand in the audio and video industry has more than ten years of experience accumulation, has been adhering to independent research and development, technology iteration upgrade, they believe that only the death of the play experience optimization and technical details, is the king!At the same time is the domestic technical background in this field more senior enterprises.▶ The Tejet WE60C TV box is equipped with 2G memory +8G Flash memory, and the upgraded version is equipped with 2G memory +16G Flash memory, and the Flash memory uses Emmc technology. By comparison, Vago found that it is better than Flash used in other boxes at the same price.No matter reading speed, software installation and startup speed, system operation, switching speed, etc., have been comprehensively upgraded, switching only takes 3 seconds.It can be said that its configuration, worthy of the 200 price ratio of the first.I believe the most important function of the VIDEO experience TV box is to watch videos, while Tegech WE60C features smooth video playback. With the support of six core video technologies, playing 4K high-definition movies is completely stress-free. The measured progress bar can basically be pulled to the end, without turning around and buffing.▶ Zero pole system Why Vango emphasizes that a Tejet box can be built on top of three?The key reason is that Taijie has an exclusive optimized “zero pole” system!Thanks to the in-depth control and purification of third-party APP permissions, each video APP is customized through business and technical cooperation, as well as deep management and purification of memory usage logic. All the strategies take video operation experience and efficiency as the first principle!In terms of quality, Teger has proposed “13 minimum standards for quality experience”, which directly elevates the experience of TV box to two levels and officially defines what is called “medium and high-end TV box”.Even in order to create stable performance, Taijie box uses more expensive gold sink process – gold on the motherboard, good oxidation resistance, long life, fast heat dissipation, and great help for signal transmission!It is rare to find such a high quality affordable box.Taijie in addition to the WE60C, there are extremely powerful configuration of the flagship WE40, if you have higher requirements, you can go to understand.When it comes to Tmall Magic box, everyone is no stranger to it. It is a brand owned by Ali, and its popularity is relatively high. In 2019, Tmall Magic Box brought their latest upgrade, and one of the most powerful products — Tmall Magic Box 4Pro.Configuration upgrade, better experience.The front of Tmall Magic Box 4Pro still maintains the rounded square shape. The front of the body adopts a bright red color, which Fan thinks is a little conspicuous, but still good-looking.On the front, the stripe texture of the previous generation is removed, and only the cute face pattern of Tmall kitten is retained, which looks simple and atmospheric.▶ The hardware configuration box is equipped with an Amlogic 8-core 64-bit processor, model S912-H, which is officially positioned as a high-performance terminal product with a processor frequency of 2.0GHz and a MALI-820 MP3 GPU for accelerated video encoding. The performance configuration is not bad.But it would be even better if the advertising was convergent!Skyworth, as one of the most famous brands in the TV industry, has been favored by the majority of consumers with high quality and affordable prices.Skyworth Group T3 Pro, with its small body, rich video resources, more gameplay and scalability, has won the favor of many users.▶ The TV box is based on the Deeply optimized πOS system of Android 10, featuring a simple waterfall design that intelligently arranges a huge amount of resource content, allowing users to customize their own preferences and quickly and accurately find their favorite content.▶ Appearance design The appearance is very simple, plastic PVC material, relatively light quality.And the expansion interface is also very complete, all I/O layout in the body back, from left to right are DC interface, HDMI, RJ45 network interface, USB3.0 interface and AV interface, from the number and type of interface, basically meet the needs of new and old TV, after all, AV interface has done the standard configuration, this has no fussy at all.Tencent Aurora 4G TV box is jointly launched by the Bee assistant Tencent Aurora without the installation of broadband, plug in the power connected to the TV can watch video TV box.The box carries Tencent video platform and has legitimate Tencent video resources.Tencent Aurora 4G is a 4K set-top box, router, WiFi hotspot as one of the TV box, the appearance and the general box is not very different, ordinary square black box shape, but smaller than the volume of the router.Tencent Aurora 4G TV box adopts the cloud audio-visual aurora interface that we are very familiar with. The whole interface is simple and easy to use, and the operation is also very smooth.The content is presented in the form of waterfall flow, which is very intuitive and conforms to the user’s operation logic.The latest and hottest content is displayed at the top in the form of a large poster, making it easy to choose the quality content you like to read.Hameidi H6 TV box Highlights: Good human-computer interaction experience Hameidi, a early entry into the TV box industry brand.Mainly with traditional appearance design, complete interface and other characteristics, has a certain consumer groups.Hymedi H6 hymedi launched a so-called human-computer interaction, Bluetooth voice control mini network TV box.Unlike current TV boxes, the Hemidi H6 has a metal casing that gives it a more textured appearance.In terms of heat dissipation, this box adopts new nano heat dissipation technology to ensure no noise, good heat dissipation, stability and durability during operation.▶ control because the TV box is a support bluetooth 4.0 voice box, so it’s the remote control and before is different also, elliptic 16 key design, feel is comfortable, the top two custom buttons make daily operation more quickly, the green voice logo in the middle of the button is the centerpiece of the remote control.After fan Ge measurement, in operation, it is more controllable than the previous infrared remote control range, can reach a range of 8 meters 360 degrees without dead Angle operation.Which brand of TV box is better?Fan Ge summed up the TV box brand list in the top five are very good, choose the RIGHT TV box, is the right way to open the movie!