Vaccine development is working!Clinical trials of Indonesia’s homegrown “red and white” COVID-19 vaccine have begun in humans

2022-06-24 0 By

Indonesia on Tuesday began testing a locally developed “red and white” coronavirus vaccine in humans, as the country faces a new wave of rising cases.The move comes after Indonesia’s Food and Drug Regulatory Authority (BPOM) approved clinical trials of a domestically developed red-and-white COVID-19 vaccine.BPOM director PennyKLukito said in an online press conference on February 7 that the first phase of the trial will have 90 subjects and the second phase of the trial will have 405 subjects, who will be divided into three groups and given different doses.Phase 3 clinical trials will not begin until April, penny said, after interim results from phase 1 and phase 2 trials are available.In addition, BPOM will be able to apply for an emergency use permit (UEA) around mid-July this year after the interim results are released.Indonesia’s AirlanggaUniversity and an Indonesian biopharmaceutical company have jointly developed the “red-and-white” coronavirus vaccine, which is being tested in humans.The project to develop a vaccine has suffered delays since it began in 2020, but the Indonesian government now hopes to approve the vaccine for use by mid-2022 if trials are successful.The “red and white” CORONAVIRUS vaccine has been certified as “halal” by the Ulema Council of Indonesia, the top muslim-majority religious clerics body, according to Mohammad Nasih, dean of El Ranka University.”We hope that with this halal certification, the public will have more confidence in using the vaccine,” Nasih said.Currently, Indonesia has approved 13 COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, but is mainly using Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines as it struggles to procure enough doses for its more than 270 million people.Since the outbreak, the Indonesian government has stressed the importance of developing and manufacturing a national vaccine.Source: AGence France-Presse, Philippine Star Editor: Tan Ciyuan