That was the nicest thing I’ve ever heard in my life

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She was a poor woman who lived a miserable life without a single happy moment in her memory.He’s a tough, elegant man, but he’s covered in blood, and he’s been searching for his soul for years.God’s finger gently dial, two fates began to entwine.A man with a powerful means to bind her to the side, holding her, help her straight life pressure bent back, give her dignity, give her love, give her a new world.She came to his side from the beginning was bound, passive forward, then followed carefully, until finally clenched his hand, and walked with him side by side, they walked together for half a life, to the end has been unable to tell who saved who.A small woman with mild depression is not a good best actor when she meets a male god who doesn’t want to be a cook.Chi knew that Xie Yan had two wishes: to marry Miss Mu and to ascend the throne.She had secretly had a crush on Diem for years, and now she was content to marry him.Even if he doesn’t like her.I can be a fairy, she said.He looked at her up and down, sneer: can become fairy indeed, lazy fairy.She breathed a sigh of relief: the lazy fairy was also a fairy.In a prosperous and peaceful time, there was nothing wrong with the court. Nothing but gossip caused some waves.One day, known as the first genius, the first beautiful man, the first romantic Bai Xiaofeng, did home Wind academy.For a time, what princess, princess, talented girl, daughter……Swarmed, each drunk weng’s meaning is not wine.Historian Cheng Ziqian squatted xiaofeng Academy, all kinds of “Zi Qian manuscript” outflow, flow to the streets and lanes and flow to the palace courtyard, Where Bai Xiaofeng finally love to return, became the topic of the capital people with pleasure after dinner.Hold on, do you think the protagonist of this book is Bai Xiaofeng?Not too!The hero of this book is a general of the imperial dynasty named Sorodin, who is not easy to say, but cynical, “notorious” and not popular.The emperor gives Solo a mission to go undercover in the academy, report first-hand information, and occasionally help to sabotage good things so that the emperor can win a bet with his concubines.In addition, the emperor also let Solo ding incidentally to learn etiquette, change his that a ruffian spirit.And be in charge of “bundle in control” suoluo decides, it is Bai Xiaofeng that poisonous mouth the beautiful sister bai Xiaoyue of gossip again.Soluoding so with white Xiaoyue bar, this wench is not general difficult to deal with!At the age of 14, she wore high heels for the first time, and was nervous as she practiced backstage.Her partner said, “Just be careful not to be dazzled by the flash. I won’t let you fall, don’t worry.”She felt his palms. They were sweaty.At the age of 24, she came back to her apartment from the hospital. While boiling water and waiting for instant noodles, she heard the TV program in the living room.When the host asked the actor how old he was when he fell in love, he replied, “I haven’t seen her for a long time.”Then the kettle beeps.Thirty-four years old, she ran to pediatrics in a hurry in the middle of the night, her husband holding the son who was asleep with liquid, wearing a mask and sitting on the chair of infusion room, seemed to have a feeling to look over, eyes bent, when she approached to vacate a hand to give her a small heat preservation pot.She unscrewed the lid and found hot shrimp and crab porridge.* Young famous actor * gentle and quiet female doctor, 1V1.Shen Qing’s convenience store is located on the 23rd bend of Ansan.The average climber can climb 15 of 23 turns without stopping, but there are always people trying to reach the top.Since someone would climb twenty-three, Shen Qing would sell water and food to passers-by at the peak of the mountain.But the food was not conjured up. On the high mountains, a group of mountaineers carried it step by step.Li Yan is one of them.Under the sun, sweat trickled down Li Yan’s back.He was about to stop to wipe himself with a coarse cloth, when a pair of hands tenderly handed him a handkerchief.”It’s hot, come into my shop and rest for a while,” said the hilltop storekeeper, smiling at him.Lightning protection: partial stream of consciousness, slow heat, ledger style.Flowers bloom and fall, spring goes and autumn comes, the moment they fall has already become eternal.- “in one inch was an inch of blood”, she still remember grandpa turbid eyes looking at the traffic outside of the eyes through the window and towers, reflection, is the ancient town of a seam and last behind the image of the setting sun is quiet on the river, is a thick dark and lotus flower, each person smile with a bitter, crying with a tired and then laugh out, crying out,Numb to survive, until the dawn has blown away the clouds, despair into hope even when the crane hair skin, old, the backbone that has supported a hundred years of darkness, still as strong as iron, indomitability.It wasn’t until she went through it that she really understood that you thought they were clumsy, backward, ignorant, stubborn but they persevered, persevered, fought, and waited to get the clothes, the food, the laughter, the freedom that they are today.Thank you, my departed and not departed generation.If you are the sea, let her land in your arms — free of charge.Be careful of cleanliness.In a trance, I saw the moon rise, as if to go back to the year I married him, he took me out of the palace, I covered his mouth, only to see his bright eyes.His eyes are really beautiful ah, good to see me as if from inside can see the sun, moon and stars, mountains and rivers, can see the long river sunset, shallow grass without horseshoe, can see a white, small me, cushion feet cover his mouth.I will not say to anyone, because he said that my eyes are always only you, my heart is going to jump out of my body.That was the nicest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.