Private real estate enterprises in the second quarter more than 100 billion bonds are due

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In order to consolidate the market and support the acquisition of high-quality real estate enterprises, a number of banks have “opened the gate” to the real estate, China Resources Land, Joy City, Country Garden, Midea property and other real estate enterprises have obtained more than 10 billion yuan of acquisition loan bank quota.But the good news of real estate policy end has not brought the obvious recovery of market confidence.In terms of financing, the total amount of bonds issued by real estate companies in January-February 2022 was 71.9 billion yuan, down 65% year-on-year.In terms of overseas foreign debt, real estate enterprises issued a total of 13.1 billion yuan of overseas foreign debt, recovering slightly from the end of last year, but still down 86% year-on-year.In the second quarter of 2022, the total maturity of domestic and foreign bonds of 200 core real estate enterprises was about 186.5 billion yuan, among which overseas foreign debt was about 88.9 billion yuan.From January to February in 2022, the Central bank made a net investment of 700 billion yuan in the open market, and market interest rates were generally stable.After the RRR cut at the end of the year, the CENTRAL bank kept liquidity reasonably abundant by expanding reverse repos and extending the MLF (medium-term lending Facility) over time.From January to February, the central bank net issued 700 billion real estate companies in the open market. From January to February in 2022, the total amount of bonds issued by real estate companies was 71.9 billion yuan, down 65% year-on-year.Domestic bond financing reached 58.8 billion yuan, down 47% year-on-year.In terms of overseas debt, real estate enterprises issued overseas bonds of 13.1 billion yuan in January-February, slightly recovering from the end of last year, but still down 86% year on year.In order to replace the maturing overseas foreign debt, private real estate companies such as Dafa Real Estate and Xiangsheng Group issued US dollar bills with high interest rates of 12-13%.In terms of financing costs, benefiting from the stable and loose monetary policy in China, the interest rate of domestic bonds issued by real estate enterprises dropped to around 3.5% in January and February.In terms of overseas foreign debt, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are obviously divided. The cost of overseas bonds issued by private enterprises such as Daihatsu and Xiangsheng remains high, while the interest rate of the us $400 million credit enhanced bonds issued by Greentown China in January was only 2.3%.From the type distribution of bonds issued by real estate enterprises, from January to February, real estate enterprises issued general medium-term notes of 32.4 billion yuan, accounting for more than 40%.Due to the repeated epidemic and many factors of market instability, bonds with short duration, such as general medium-term notes and ultra-short-term financing bonds, have become the absolute main force of market issuance, accounting for 45% and 11% respectively, accounting for nearly 60% in total.Overall, the real estate sector remains under great pressure.From the market level, influenced by favorable policies, some hot cities have shown signs of recovery. For real estate enterprises, “collecting money” will still be the next top priority.Article source: Leju house quality content recommended new city landmark!Fuqing built like this…Blockbuster!Fuqing planning to build a total of 800,000 square meters CBD construction 200 meters high landmark tower!Xiamen centralized land supply: 3 lots in Tong ‘an district received a total of 3.315 billion yuan