Hesuo County municipal Supervision Bureau took many measures to carry out anti-food waste law publicity

2022-06-24 0 By

(Correspondent Wei Jing) Recently, Hesuo County market supervision Administration launched the “anti-food waste Law” publicity and supervision and inspection throughout the county.In the activity, the staff combined with the daily supervision and inspection work before the festival, into the catering service unit, by Posting anti-food waste, food safety propaganda posters, publicity materials, using LED screen rolling play civilized dining slogans and other forms to carry out the anti-food waste law publicity.Guide business owners to implement the relevant requirements of the Anti-Food Waste Law, encourage everyone to actively abide by laws and regulations, advocate the store to put up relevant propaganda slogans and posters, let consumers order food reasonably, practice the cd-rom action, eliminate waste.Up to now, a total of 20 law enforcement officers have been dispatched, more than 200 posters have been put up and more than 1,000 publicity materials have been distributed.Through publicity activities, the awareness rate of the people of all ethnic groups and catering service units of the county to the Anti-food Waste Law has been effectively enhanced, creating a good public opinion atmosphere and social environment for the implementation of the Anti-food Waste Law.