Children can’t stop playing origami, in the world of origami, exercise various abilities

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Article | small wood in 1955, and the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, ten years later, a girl named sadako sasaki, was diagnosed with leukemia.As more and more children were diagnosed with the same disease, they gave it a name — the atomic bomb disease.While she was in the hospital, one of Sadako Sasaki’s friends made her an origami crane.In Japan, paper cranes represent blessings.With this crane, Sadako Sasaki began her origami origami folding journey.In the process of folding paper cranes, she wishes for health at first, and then hopes for world peace.Sasaki’s unfinished cranes were later made by her friends, who formed a club and set about raising funds.Three years later, a child’s peace statue was erected in Hiroshima peace Park.To this day, people bring paper cranes to the statue of Peace every year.This is a story about paper cranes.Paper cranes can also be seen in various movies and TV shows.Folding paper cranes not only represents people’s blessing, but also has something to do with the history of origami.Origami is a handmade activity suitable for all ages.Adults, useful origami to express their hearts, and some people will make origami as a lifelong career.Children, in origami, can experience the fun of handwork and develop fine motor skills.And this fine motor ability is also part of the “kinesthetic” aspect of multiple intelligences.What is kinesthetic?British educator Mike Friesam, in the Multiple Intelligence Method, defines it as: kinesthetic is the ability of a person to think with movement and use his body.Developing children’s multiple intelligences can help them find the joy of learning.What do kids get out of origami?The former Soviet union educator Suhomlinsky once said: children’s intelligence is reflected in their finger tips.In paper folding, the ability to exercise paper folding, the first visible, is to exercise the coordination of a hand.In fact, origami is a good way to start with math.After my second child read Into the Wonderful World of Mathematics by Mitsuya Anno several times, I kept my interest in mathematics by making paper with my child until I found a more suitable math book.Why do you say that?Because most origami is squares, triangles.These shapes are conducive to the formation of children’s sense of geometric space.A piece of paper, after the action of the hand, the abstract geometric figure, with the image of three-dimensional origami to present, can let the children’s spatial imagination ability to exercise.Now there are a lot of video origami, compared with video, I prefer to origami books.Because, in the reading of books, also have the ability to exercise.If an origami book, children can read by themselves.So, in the process of reading, the first exercise is the child’s observation ability.From the demonstration of pictures to the specific operation of my own hands, only careful observation can make the correct origami shape.Reading origami books, but also hidden reading ability exercise.In “Subtraction Education”, Teacher Yu Xiaobing shared to improve the ability of Chinese reading, not limited to Chinese reading comprehension, “to break the barriers between subjects learning”.Origami book reading is also a kind of reading.Reading an origami book can exercise children’s observation and reading comprehension skills. It is more attractive than following a video origami.This winter vacation, I gave my two children some hands-on books, including origami books.This set of “super interesting European origami game book”, a total of 4 volumes, each volume has three levels of difficulty, just my two children can play.For the easy part, the cock can be folded.The difficult part, the boss to challenge.This “super interesting European origami game book”, and usually see the origami book is not the same, live up to the “super interesting” these three words.My child, as soon as he opened one of them, folded a lot in one night.Until the dog that did not fold for a long time, did not stop.In the process of constantly challenging origami, the family got involved.Origami books for children turned into family activities, which was a bonus.”Super fun European Origami game book” content design, creative.Each volume includes 12 origami styles, along with 50 exquisite sheets of origami.Every piece of origami even has a number of steps on it.In some places, you can fold figures without reading a book.Exquisite drawings, folded into three-dimensional images, children feel a sense of achievement.Take the finished product, and the story comes.”Super interesting European Origami game book”, the attached beautiful drawings, give children a kind of invisible beauty.Take the initiative to make up the story, and exercise the child’s language expression ability.The kids couldn’t stop playing with the super Fun European Origami Game book.The Super Fun European Origami Game Book is particularly commendable for its thoughtful design: each volume has a design for the origami finished product.That’s, like, awesome.Kids no longer have to worry about where to put the folded product.For this “super fun European Origami game book”, can’t help but say: do children like origami?This super fun European origami game book is worth having for kids!Join your kids and enter the world of origami with the super Fun European Origami Game Book.Enjoy your reading.My name is Yamazaki. I have two children and I love reading.