After a ripe meal, a family rejoiced and a family worried

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The couple tied the knot in a simple ceremony that had to be jaw-dropping without the sound of gongs and drums and firecrackers.From the childishness of the bride and groom’s face, it is not difficult to know that the girl is young and has not yet reached the legal age of marriage, but they are still relatively tall, from the girl’s slightly elevated lower abdomen, it is not difficult to know that the girl is pregnant.There is no gong team, there is no blessing from friends and relatives, only the smiling faces of parents and their families, and only simple food.But at a time like this, one family is happy and one is sad.Happy is the father-in-law beaming, the family to greet the bride, but also a send a, can put the father-in-law happy bad, can do grandpa and grandma in advance, this is not “son married” it.It turns out they were childhood sweethearts.The wedding ceremony began to worry about the girl’s parents, the daughter of more than ten years so with the boy walked away, there was no silver or betrothal gift.Of course, it may be done in haste, many etiquette should also be done, in any case to give the family an explanation.In this way, the bride and groom have no best man and maid of honor, and no matchmaker. The parents-in-law can change their words with a red envelope.People who know the inside need not ask more to be clear at a glance, like this raw rice to mature rice, because of the age problem how can the fanfare, can only be so hasty.Bride (right) abdominal bulge marriage day doomed, early marriage early childbearing benefits or more, early birth of children early happiness, studies can not give up must make up, this is a perfect life.Watching these happy young people, now adults, ready to become parents.Take a look at those who walk in the intersection of love of young men and women, they are looking for choice along 偟, when is the head ah.What is your opinion when you see the bride and groom here? It is my greatest honor to leave your praise. Thank you for your attention!The picture in the article comes from the network, infringement must delete!