“Set an example for the children!”

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“Please show your sukangbao reservation code and keep a distance of more than one meter.”On the morning of April 9, Wang Simin, a volunteer in Shangyangcheng community, Yuxin Street, Suyu district, Suqian City, is doing information input for the owners. This is the word she says most every day.Wang Simin is the owner of shangyangcheng community, a full-time treasure mother.Since the outbreak of the new round of COVID-19, she has applied to be a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control in the community. Since the first round of nucleic acid testing in Suyu district on March 13, she has participated in 13 rounds of voluntary nucleic acid sampling activities.Wang Simin assigned to work for the owner information input nucleic acid detection, time is 6 a.m. to 12 noon, volunteer service six hours a day, and community volunteers is usually 2 hours can be in a class, in order to save protective clothing, medical gloves, mask, such as resources, Wang Simin are three class together, but never complained.”I signed up as a volunteer to set an example for children. Through my actions, children can learn to contribute, love, help each other and make progress, so as to continue the positive spirit of volunteering.”Wang Simin said.Wang simin has two children. The oldest is a junior in Suyu Middle School and the second is a kindergarten student.Nearly a month of volunteer service, she clearly felt the two children grow up sensible.Go out in the morning to go home this time at noon, my brother served as the “small people” in the home, cooking noodles, Fried egg, online course, take care of younger brother, life and learning things processing in perfect orderly, brother also not crying is very clever, because they all know mother doing a glorious thing, make contributions to fight the outbreak.”They understand that volunteering is an honor and makes it worth it.”Wang Simin said happily.(Li Wei, Liu Male)