Dutch world champion thanks Beijing!Only when China hosts the 2022 Winter Olympics can athletes feel safe

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened on February 5, Beijing time. Many European and American athletes who came to the Olympic Village to start the next competition praised the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and one of the athletes spoke the hearts of many people and won the resonance of many Chinese netizens.Check out what he had to say and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you., according to the official Xinhua News Agency reported this week in the latest from the Netherlands, 29, speed skating world champion kroll latest interviews, it makes it clear that, in his view, if in the current situation, in the world and a country or region to host the Olympic Games during the winter, so there is no doubt that the only option is to China!We should be thankful, the whole world should be thankful that the Winter Olympics can be held in China.Kroll said he felt so good after a week in Beijing that he went to the National Speed Skating Stadium on Jan. 31 for an ice ribbon training session that only a few competitors can attend.In this training competition, he skated 1:08.84 in his strong point of 1 km speed skating. He said that he felt very good to find the rhythm of the race here, but he did not get into the best condition, but I believe that he will gradually adjust his condition.Kroll said in detail, in Beijing this week, he could see the Chinese group work is very complete, this week you can see, in the past two years is taking great measures in China, if not in the past two years, the Chinese people always adhere to the effort, so impossible, in a week before the start of the winter Olympic Games,In spite of the influx of foreign athletes, journalists and staff to Beijing, it has been able to manage the city in good order.In other countries, it’s really hard to say whether this is really a big question mark, so Kroll says:Like before I come to China a few weeks ago, I was clear with you said before, we should be thankful Olympics can be held in China, if any country to host the winter games, so China is the only option, and in other countries or regions to host the winter games difficulty is too big is too big.”There is no doubt that the Chinese Olympic organizers have struck the right balance between security and freedom,” Kroll said. “They have to be commended.”Kroll, 29, will, 1 km to participate in the 500 m and 1500 m this several projects, he is an experienced world champion, from the speed skating dream team of the Netherlands, with China NingZhongYan etc. A number of excellent players PK, we look forward to the game, she can and other top and Chinese excellent athletes,We’re going to have a great showdown on ice.