Was meng Pigeon sent to a year 400 thousand noble school Li Tianyi, is how step by step into the prison?

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Parents are their children’s first teachers, and everything they say and do will have a vital influence on their children.Children are the heart of parents, and parents want to give their children the best living conditions.Some parents love their children blindly, but ignore the education of their children, just indulging their children in the so-called ocean of love.Finally make the children forget the truth of life and work, fell into the abyss.1. Who is Li Tianyi?Li Tianyi was born in 1996 and is now 25 years old.He has no contribution, originally was an ordinary person, but because of the numerous crimes become a well-known evil.Li Tianyi is the youngest son of famous singers Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge.Li Shuangjiang was born in the 1930s, while Meng Ge was born in the 1960s. There were three eras between them, and they were worthy of the name “old husband and young wife”.Li shuangjiang and his wife are famous and rich, with a high status in the entertainment industry and vanity fair.Li shuangjiang sang many classic songs and became a huge influence in the 1970s and 1980s.Today’s young children naturally do not have an impression of him, people born in the 1940s, should be very excited about the name Of Li Shuangjiang, just like hearing the name of Jay Chou, is indeed an idol and strength of existence.Son Li Tianyi can rely on the halo of parents to do a useful person originally, but Li Tianyi is just the opposite, he will have parents and fame as a tool to do whatever he wants, destroyed his bright future.Li Tianyi was born in Beijing. It is not true that he was born in 1996. His real age must be known only by Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge.He began playing piano at the age of four and, thanks to Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge’s connections, studied with piano professors at the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music.Li shuangjiang has paid for his many talents, such as calligraphy, singing and ice hockey, but has neglected to teach him how to be a man.Li Tianyi in primary school, willful, will a pupil pushed off the floor, but because Li Tianyi identity, it is said that the matter later failed.Li Tianyi also robbed the game, refused to return, the teacher learned, not to criticize him, but criticized the game was robbed students.Before li tianyi graduated from middle school, his parents sent him to St. Mary’s College of Shattuck in the United States to learn skills such as ice hockey.The school has a long history, small classes, tuition fees as high as 400,000 yuan a year, ordinary families can not afford.Li Tianyi’s inferiority was on full display while studying in the United States.He fought with American students, and even changed other people’s protein powder into washing powder, and engaged in such bottomless pranksters. Li Tianyi knew nothing wrong, and said to American students in an arrogant way: “Come to China if you dare, I will kill you. Do you know who my father is?”This is not the first time Li tianyi has broken school rules. He acted as if the school were his family’s company and was eventually expelled from the school halfway through graduation.In 2011, Li Tianyi drove BMW without a license, and also take the initiative to beat people, the plot is very bad, sit in prison for a year, after the name li Guanfeng, continue to commit evil.What really pushed Li Tianyi into the abyss was that he forced the girl and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.He was sentenced on September 26, 2013, and should have been released in September 2023. Theoretically, he is still in prison.But according to online reports, Li Tianyi has been released from prison. After all, he is Li Tianyi.When Li Tianyi was born to Meng Ge, Li Shuangjiang was already nearly 60 years old.When the old man came to his son, Li Shuangjiang held him in his hands and doted on him.It is natural that food and clothing should be readily available.Li Tianyi required things, Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge are satisfied, so that there is no driver’s license, li Tianyi has not yet opened a BMW.When primary school, Li Tianyi pushes classmate downstairs, mother Meng Ge comes forward, use resource, this matter is nothing.This is bound to give the young Li Tianyi caused a feeling – what trouble parents can help themselves.Wait until Li Tianyi rob a classmate game machine, the teacher actually accused the victim of the students, no doubt, because li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge’s sake, the teacher did not dare to criticize Li Tianyi, this shows, Li Shuangjiang parents spoiled Li Tianyi has to what degree.When Li Tianyi abused the girl in 2013, the outrage was so intense that Meng Ge found it difficult to get away with his old tricks.Face the son to commit such evil, dream pigeon not only does not go to education son, sincerely apologize to the victim for the son, but also words to refute the son with conviction.In an interview with a reporter at the time, Meng ge said, “It was the girl who encouraged him, so he didn’t control it. Although my son made a mistake, he was pure and clean in heart. It was the environment that was his fault, and as a mother, there is nothing wrong with doing for his child.”Li Tianyi had made the thing that disobey morality and law seriously, Dream pigeon still helps him defend unexpectedly, do not have the slightest repentance heart.From small to large, Li Tianyi do a lot of bad things, is all To help him solve the Dream pigeon, did not let Li Tianyi pay the price for his behavior.His young mind gradually began to get used to doing whatever he wanted, even lawless.Li Tianyi finally walked into the prison, this is the dream pigeon couple single-handedly caused.It is a child again and again to shield and overprotection, finally li Tianyi step by step into prison.Parental Education Parental education affects children throughout their lives.When a child is born, his parents surround him with words and deeds.If parents indulge their children blindly, but do not give them life skills, the truth of life, and the ability to learn, the children are likely to go to extremes in their growth, causing harm to others and themselves.There are many details that need to be paid attention to in children’s education, one of the most important is to let children know how to delay gratification.Not everything has to be satisfied at once. Delay your child’s desires and he will be able to control himself as he grows up.Delaying gratification for a child is a quick and fleeting pleasure, and it is definitely not possible to satisfy your child all the time.Teach your child that things don’t happen overnight, that they don’t always work out, and that you have the ability to resist failure.When parents educate their children, they not only help themselves, but also accumulate blessings for others.When every parent can educate their children well, the whole environment will be better and better, benefiting everyone on the earth.