Liao Guoxun investigates the market supply of agricultural products

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Tianjin Daily 2022/02/04 On the afternoon of April 4, Liao Guoxun, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Tianjin went to Jinghai District to investigate the supply of agricultural products and the prevention and control of the epidemic.Tianjin Haijixing Agricultural Products Wholesale Market is the largest first-level vegetable wholesale market in tianjin, with an annual trading volume of 2.6 million tons and over 7 billion yuan.Guo-xun liao into the vegetable trading floor, the thorough exchange, and enterprises and businesses, head of the details about the wholesale supply of goods, merchandise sales, transportation, distribution and epidemic prevention measures, personnel management, one by one to ask turnip, pepper, tomato, cucumber, etc into the shipments and the wholesale price, to transport personnel to conduct on site nucleic acid detection, fast fast, efficient distribution approach to give you.He said that Haijixing is an important vegetable wholesale base in Zhuhai, which has a wide range of radiation and a high market share, and has contributed to ensuring the supply and price of agricultural products in the city during the epidemic.It is hoped that enterprises will continue to fulfill their social responsibilities, play the role of “stabilizer”, allocate their purchasing and storage capacity scientifically, and provide support for the adequate supply and stable price of agricultural products in the city.We should make good use of Tianjin’s comprehensive advantages in policy, location and transportation, speed up the construction of distribution centers for frozen goods and imported fruits, and better meet the needs of the people.Guo-xun liao emphasizes, commerce, market supervision, agriculture and rural areas, transportation and other related departments and districts to systems thinking, overall planning, strengthen the enterprise coordination, developing facility agriculture, give play to the role of farmers’ professional co-operatives, sources in the supply side, goods will end at the same time, open external “artery”, improve the microcirculation, promoting the development of agricultural product market.We need to ensure supply and price stability, dynamically allocate agricultural resources, diversify commodity types, strictly monitor prices, strictly prevent price gouging and hoarding for profit, and ensure that people’s “vegetable baskets” and “rice bags” are well provided.We need to strengthen oversight and supervision of food safety, strengthen control at the source and management throughout the chain, step up efforts to combat counterfeiting, and guard the safety line of restaurants so that people can have peace of mind when eating.We need to ensure adequate transport capacity, unblock green channels for vehicles, and ensure smooth distribution of production and daily necessities.Meng Qingsong, secretary general of the Municipal government attended.(Miguel, Journalist)