New Snapdragon 8 phones have 2022 ‘sales code’?Energy efficiency balance is excellent, it is indeed very unique!

2022-06-21 0 By

At the Snapdragon Tech Summit in December, Qualcomm showed off the powerful capabilities of its new Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.Whether graphics rendering ability, or CPU performance compared to the previous have a great improvement.There is no doubt that a flagship product built on such a new platform will shine brilliantly.Now the new Snapdragon 8 phones, ranging from moto Edge X30 and Mi 12 Pro to IQOO 9 and The OnePlus 10 Pro, seem to be very much in line with user demand.In the case of powerful performance, the price is also quite affordable.Already, the new Snapdragon 8 phone has emerged as a strong contender for the 2022 “God of the Year” award.For ordinary consumers, the quality of a mobile phone depends on its cost performance.What is cost-effective, simply say is to use the least money to obtain the highest performance.In terms of performance, the new Snapdragon 8 mobile platform doesn’t have much to offer.Snapdragon 888 has consistently held the top spot in the android flagship market, and only the snapdragon 888 Plus upgrade has surpassed it.Compared to its predecessor, snapdragon 8 has improved the graphics rendering capability of GPU by about 30% and CPU performance by about 20%, both of which are relatively large improvements.But that wasn’t enough for Qualcomm to break with previous product naming rules and call it the all-new Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.This is mainly because the new Snapdragon 8 has achieved both improved performance and significantly reduced power consumption.GPU power consumption is reduced by about 25% and CPU power consumption is reduced by about 30%, balancing the high energy efficiency issues that come with high-function flagship soCs.In addition, the CPU of the new generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform adopts the latest 4nm manufacturing process, which makes the chip more efficient per unit area and thus reduces power consumption.In terms of GPU, it has directly overthrown the mature snapdragon Adreno 6 GPU and redesigned the ARCHITECTURE scheme of GPU, which must have cost a lot of manpower and resources.However, the effect is also significant, and the GPU power consumption reduction of 25% is the best example.In addition, there is a fourth generation AI engine assist, further balance the energy efficiency issue.This is a good explanation of why xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO, Honor and many other big manufacturers are competing to reach cooperation with Qualcomm Snapdragon.At present, there is no product in 4nm Android flagship SoC that can surpass the new-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.In the past year, Mi 11 with Snapdragon 888 won the sales champion.The black Shark 4 Pro, which also runs the same chip, has been the number one android flagship for several months.Given the excellent performance of its predecessor, the new Snapdragon 8 is not too bad.No wonder some netizens laughed that mastering the new Snapdragon 8 chip is equivalent to mastering the “sales password” for the first half of 2022.And according to the current situation, such advantage may even continue into the second half of the year.MOTOROLA’s new moto Edge X30, as the first model of the new generation of Snapdragon 8, also easily exceeded one million points, beating all phones in the performance rankings of previous Android flagship phones in seconds.Such a phone only needs 2999.As consumers, it is natural to hope to see such a situation, and look forward to the future of the new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.