Wu Jianfa, member of Zao: Innovate mechanism to promote development and build a platform for the unity and development of business in Jiangsu and Fujian

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Jiangsu Province fujian Chamber of Commerce President of Jiangsu Xinlihua Enterprise Group from the agent of building materials, gradually developed into a large commercial chain and commercial real estate as one, multi-business coexisting large enterprise group, Wu Jianfa has become the leader of jiangsu decoration and home furnishing industry.As the president of jiangsu And Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Wu Jianfa has been constantly committed to the brand building of the chamber of commerce and built a platform for the unity and development of business in Jiangsu and Fujian.Wu Jianfa is a native of Cizao Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian province.After graduating from China University of Petroleum in 1984 with a major in chemical machinery, Wu was assigned to Nanjing Jinling Petrochemical Company, which gave him an “iron rice bowl”.But four years later, he formally resigned from jinling Petrochemical Company and chose to go into business.At that time, he also had a lot of confusion and lack of confidence, but he had a desire to start a business and wanted to try.”I am from the ‘home of building materials’ to come out of the ordinary family’s child, in the lack of capital and manpower, I choose to start from the agent of building materials, and constantly adjust the market demand for building materials careful management.”Wu jianfa said.In 1998, Wu Jianfa established Nanjing Jinling Decoration City after accumulating some original capital. Since then, he has laid his career foundation and won more and more consumers’ recognition with high-quality and inexpensive goods, and more and more merchants have entered.With the increase of high-end brand consumer groups, the building materials and home furnishing brands he operates from the initial middle and low grade gradually to high-end concurrently.Nanjing Jinling Decoration City has also been upgraded to Jinling International Home furnishing – the first home furnishing integrated comprehensive commercial plaza in Nanjing, thus filling the gap in the market of high-end home furnishing building materials in Nanjing.In Wu Jianfa’s business philosophy, whether high-end consumption or ordinary consumption, the ultimate purpose of selling goods is not only to make money, but also to win the trust and praise of consumers.Therefore, he initiated the industry “integrity fund”, “first settlement of claims” and other comprehensive service system, his career from regional brand agent gradually developed into a large building materials professional store, building materials home chain supermarket, commercial real estate development and other industries coexist large enterprise group.At present, Jiangsu Xinlihua Group includes almost all the famous brand manufacturers’ products in China, the chain stores cover Nanjing and the surrounding provinces and cities, and become the leader of jiangsu decoration and home furnishing industry.In addition to being the chairman of Jiangsu Xinlihua Enterprise Group, Wu Jianfa is also the first president of Jiangsu and Fujian Chamber of Commerce.Since the establishment of The Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu province and Fujian province, the chamber of Commerce has adhered to political guidance and constantly strengthened the ideological construction of the chamber of commerce.Under the care and support of jiangsu and Fujian provincial and municipal federation of Industry and Commerce and the joint efforts of all the members of the board of Supervisors, all the work has achieved fruitful results.Under the leadership of Wu Jianfa, Jiangsu and Fujian Chamber of Commerce has built a platform for the unity and development of business in Jiangsu and Fujian through exchange and investigation, legal training to avoid risks, youth business training to help inheritance, party construction to lead the construction of the association, and public welfare undertakings to fulfill their responsibilities.Over the years, the chamber of Commerce has been constantly committed to the brand building of the chamber of Commerce, and focuses on the training of the second generation of young fujian business and the education of the third generation of fujian business, to build a multi-level platform for the growth of young Fujian business in Jiangsu province, and boost the inheritance and development of fujian business;He is enthusiastic about social charity and public welfare undertakings, actively responds to the call of targeted poverty alleviation by the Party and the government, and actively invests in education poverty alleviation activities.In the future, Wu Jianfa will continue to uphold the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce, rely on the leadership and the strength of all council members, in accordance with the construction standards and requirements of the “Four good” chamber of Commerce,Actively striving for the establishment of the national “four Good” model chamber of commerce, continuing to do a good job in charity and poverty alleviation work, establishing the Fujian Business School, implementing the rotating president system, carrying out exchanges with provincial chambers of commerce in other places, and doing well in party building and youth chamber of commerce group activities.Wu Jianfa will further enhance the service capacity of the Chamber of Commerce, promote the development of the Chamber of Commerce with innovative mechanisms, guide the healthy development of member enterprises, constantly create a new situation for the work of the Chamber of Commerce, and jointly build the Chamber of Commerce into an excellent community organization.