Lost to Xiaomi again!The former domestic machine emperor, 1300 days after the resurrection, sub-brand new machine was ridiculed

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Shortly before the end of 2021, Apple released its latest phone, the iPhone 13.The new color and camera design of the phone captivated consumers, and sales of the new phone jumped immediately after its launch.However, our domestic phones have also developed well over the years, especially Huawei.With the smooth return of huawei, Huawei Group has also received a lot of positive impact and considerable stock returns.Apart from Huawei, there are also many brands in domestic mobile phones, and the development of huawei in mobile phones is earlier.Meizu is also a brand with a long history among the old smart phone manufacturers. Even when Xiaomi mentioned friends at the press conference, there must be Meizu. The early Meizu can be said to be a generation of domestic king.Meizu started out as an MP3 player, and then transformed into a mobile phone industry. After the transformation, the first mobile phone launched was the Windows CE operating system of Microsoft.The first model, the Meizu M8, came out at 2380, a price butcher at a time when smartphones were not widespread.After only five months on the market, the sales volume has reached 500 million yuan, with an average sales volume of 100 million yuan per month.Such achievements not only set a record of the first capacitive touch screen smart phone in China, but also known as the “Domestic Apple”, and was permanently collected by Microsoft headquarters in Beijing.Meizu’s president, Huang Zhang, is also a dealmaker, with Microsoft and then With Google after the launch of its second model, the M9.Meizu has followed the Internet giants to stick above the children, the industry’s Millet is still stuck in the depth of customization system.Of course, Xiaomi was able to develop into what it is now, it must have thought of another way to break the bottleneck, that is 1999.It was from here that Xiaomi gradually caught up with Meizu and chased meizu in the mobile phone industry.However, since it is to sell products, it is to use sales strength to talk for sure.Catching up Xiaomi is obviously ahead of Meizu in this respect. In 2015, Meizu’s mobile phone sales reached 8.9 million units, which was not even among the top three in the domestic mobile phone industry at that time.By this time, Xiaomi’s annual sales had reached 34.7 million units, ranking first in China.In such a strong and obvious data comparison, it means that in the early home-made war, Xiaomi won!At the same time, Huawei also closely followed the pace of The Times, followed up, at this time, The friends of Xiaomi press conference from Meizu to Huawei.But while Meizu has fallen to the back of the pack, the rivalry between Xiaomi and Meizu remains.Have to say millet this does not despise the enemy’s fighting spirit is worth our learning.In recent years, we can hardly see Meizu in the market, and they have not produced any “outstanding works” for a long time.Maybe because it is too low-key, meizu is not in the top ten of any sales ranking in the market, and its sales account for a very small proportion.Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Hongmi, and Meizu’s sub-brand, Meizu, had previously played together in a challenge, but it didn’t take long to see the outcome.In the first year of its launch, magic Blue broke through the shipment volume of five million at a very low price, and in the following two years and three years, the sales volume broke through 50 million.Such achievement is also very considerable for this novice spirit blue.Red Rice, however, was slightly outshone by its more formidable rival.In the third year of magic blue, when they cheered with 50 million sales, people’s red rice only used 8 months to break through 20 million, such catch-up speed is really amazing.What your person did not think of is, be in evil spirit blue when this blossom and bear fruit, the other series of meizu resemble to be forgotten however same, did not have what message.Even after meizu produced another 20 million phones, there are 18 million are magic blue.But behind what they absolutely did not think of is the development after evil spirit blue also falls again, until be hidden by evil spirit family.According to relevant data, Meizu’s overall share in 2021 is at most 0.1%, even if the sales volume is low, but also in such a bad time to hit the scandal.Before saying goodbye to 2021, Meizu was fined 25,000 yuan for false propaganda without advertising. Since then, the cloud backup function of Meizu has been completely stopped.Meizu also released the news after the evil spirit blue was hidden, to use 1300 days of time to revive evil spirit blue, people are also looking forward to the rebirth of evil spirit blue can have a different feeling.The result, however, does shatter the illusion that everything feels low-end in terms of price, processor, appearance, screen and battery power.Meizu such a development situation, is the magic spirit blue to return to glory in such a low-end form?This is obviously impossible, Millet lei Jun see meizu such a state, they are more confident to return to the first domestic throne.Now the competition in the mobile phone industry is becoming more and more fierce. At present, Huawei is the leader in technology among domestic mobile phones.Therefore, Xiaomi began to find a new way, starting from the car shop and investing in manufacturing. From the current development of Xiaomi in this field, it is obvious that their car manufacturing strategy is limited.According to statistics, Xiaomi has invested in a total of 62 enterprises in the field of intelligent vehicles, with more investment in intelligent driving, intelligent electric and intelligent cockpit.In the past two years, the development of the new energy auto industry has been booming, and Xiaomi has invested in this type of auto industry.As a latecomer, Xiaomi has to pay a lot. Under the continuous investment layout of Xiaomi, the amount of money spent is also numerous.However, the car industry is a long cycle of development projects, just like a bottomless pit, need continuous injection of capital, development prospects are also full of uncertainty.According to relevant information, by the end of 2020, the balance of Xiaomi’s account is more than 100 billion yuan.Outsiders say xiaomi’s hard-earned profits from cars and mobile phones are better spent on its main business.However, Lei Jun, president of Xiaomi, does not intend to quit the car manufacturing industry. Instead, he wants to develop the car manufacturing business into another core support point for Xiaomi’s market value, so as to break through the current market value limitation.After all, the mobile phone market is as complex and as uncertain as the car industry, and the challenge is to manage it both ways.Xiaomi is getting better and better, but Meizu has really fallen off a cliff. Xiaomi is expected to join Huawei, and Meizu is just following behind and eating steamed bread.What do you think of meizu brand?