Is there a bubble in housing prices

2022-06-20 0 By

Is there a housing bubble?Many people blame the high housing price, so why do all families in Urban China own a house and can afford to buy a house?Scold the high housing price is that part of the people, we have thought about this problem?A lot of people see the tails, not the heads.A lot of people will only scold, but did not think of the house is only a commodity value in the city, and is not levied on the countryside or work a commodity.The price of this commodity is determined by the city’s economy.Scolding people look at the city’s commercial housing does not belong to their own high, there is a bubble.I didn’t think whether I belonged to this city or not.Work hard, let yourself belong to a member of the city, you will not feel that the housing price is high, you will feel that own the city, own the city’s economy, so there will be no bubble!