Internet of Things makes agriculture “smarter”

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People’s Daily Online Nanjing March 16 (Huang Qiyuan) Spring returns to the earth, all things erupt.In Jinduo Family Farm, Shilianghe Town, Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, farmer Cao Guilin and his father Cao Yuzao are planting grapes in a 60-mu greenhouse. According to the “instructions” of experts from the county Agricultural Internet of Things Information Center, grapes are treated with bud, shoot and flower spike.Greenhouse, a piece of green grape leaves along the vine growth, a branch vine coiled in a root rope, a string of like “bean” large grapes hanging branches.There is an unremarkable instrument under a grape tree. One end of a group of sensors is inserted into the soil, and one end is connected to a display screen, which shows eight data items such as soil moisture, air temperature and illumination in the greenhouse at this time.Looking up at the sensor, there’s a gun pointed at a vine for video surveillance.Here, donghai Agricultural Internet of Things Information Center has arranged a total of 24 agricultural Internet of Things data collection points, with 14 fixed-point cameras and 2 panoramic cameras to monitor the growing environment of grapes around the clock.Experts can remotely upload the data, combined with the current growth characteristics of grapes, scientific analysis, guide farmers scientific management, improve fruit quality rate.Now, relying on the agricultural Internet of Things information center, real-time knowledge of crop growth and remote guidance to farmers is one of the achievements of Donghai County to build “smart agriculture”.As one of the top 100 counties in agricultural economy in China, Donghai County adheres to the principle of “agriculture”. It has built the East China Sea Comprehensive Agricultural Experimental Station of The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and introduced more than 30 new varieties of rice, flowers, tomatoes, strawberries and so on.To promote 5 new technologies such as tissue culture, precision irrigation and carbon dioxide fertilization for mingte flowers;In Taolin town and Shanzuokou town to establish 3 facilities vegetable new varieties intelligent and efficient technology integration demonstration sites.Establish donghai County provincial agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone, covering smart agriculture demonstration core zone, plant factory production demonstration zone, modern agricultural technology integration pilot zone and other areas.Among them, MAP smart agriculture system was demonstrated and applied in the Smart Agriculture base of Sinochem group.In 2021, the proportion of green and high-quality products in Donghai county will increase to 75%, 32 new green foods will be added, 2 jiangsu modern agricultural industrial technology demonstration bases will be approved, and The East China Sea Modern Agricultural Industrial Park will be selected as the National Rural entrepreneurial park (base).Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, and we will deal with it in time.Email address: