Genting Chess: What kit do cats have?Yomi outfit matching skills!

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Yumi is set as fattan auxiliary hero by the official heroes of the alliance, with high tanning degree and certain damage. Passive shield skill is the absolute means of Yumi, which is generated when in the state of possession, can protect their own brittle heroes, some similar to the king of Glory Yao mei’s skills.Because the base damage and spell power are very low, this is why I can only use the tank support hero, the role of the Yomi is to increase the damage and speed of the Allies, to protect the heroes.Genting go Yumi (cat)1, the sea, + + : extremely spear gun spirit of science and technology, sea wind gun the role of science and technology, whether m release skills or real harm leisurely, after the release of passive can treat m itself increase the battery life leisurely, leisurely m passive skill shield effect at the same time, also can provide a shield on their own output protection and science and technology of the sea, gun get equal treatment effect for the treatment of attributes.Spirit wind can summon a hurricane and remove the nearest enemy hero from combat status for 5 seconds, regardless of the immune effect. Spirit wind carriers are usually heroes in the front row, but You can also carry It.Shuji spear is mainly used for yomi mana regeneration and has a certain amount of general attack damage. It is the core equipment of Yomi Genting Chess.2. Shpole spear + Kike + Redeemkike increases attack speed and stat gains by 30% until the end of the turn, which is equivalent to the outputer carrying an additional ghost rope (saber), in combination with yumi’s skill shield, giving core output both attack speed and damage.Redemption is the main auxiliary equipment, which gives a hero within a block of Urami healing power for 5 seconds and reduces group damage. The damage reduction effect matches the urami assist feature. Equipped with Redemption, urami can stand at the end of the close output and assassin position.3, the new pole spear + steel Yang box + static vest static vest in improving the rice defense strength at the same time, can maximize the limit of the enemy squad hero’s release of a skill, equivalent to the realized reduction of enemy hero’s damage rate, for our hero objectively provides a reduction effect.Steel is fierce mainly for their own hero 2 with columns in a shield that increases the meters leisurely physical and magic resistance, when meters up to 2 star leisurely, shield the effect will be better, in general, meters up to 2 star is enough leisurely, with static cassock effect of equipment, control and subtract, the hero across the power can only play half of the level,You don’t have to worry about damage with this equipment, you don’t need too much damage, the pole spear is enough.