Drama!Chen Hongyi lost the Olympic Games, Zhu Yi was scolded against the wind, “scientist father” conspiracy theory rampant

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Irony!Zhu Yi represented China to participate in the competition but against the wind was scolded, Chen Hongyi failed to break the illusion of who?Figure skating is one of the most beautiful sports in the world.However, this beauty, in the hearts of many Chinese netizens, is not pure, even some of the degradation.The direct cause of this situation is that Chen Hongyi, the goddess of figure skating, did not qualify for the Olympic Games, while Zhu Yi, who beat her to compete in the East Olympics, is a naturalized member of the team, who has just become a Chinese citizen for more than two years.Compared with the Summer Olympic Games, the heat of the Winter Olympic Games is much lower. Many events are just fun to watch.Figure skating this project is the same, many people do not understand the rules, but look at the beauty of everyone understand.We all have the capacity to appreciate beauty.When it comes to China’s figure skating, most people only know one person: Chen Hongyi.Because her videos have long been popular on all major video platforms, especially x.Excellent appearance level, slender legs, perfect proportion of body, beautiful superb movements…Chen hongyi has gained numerous fans and is very popular.Chen hongyi’s status in China, like her nickname “Fire”, has infinite tension.And then one day, when you’re told she’s not going to make it to the Olympics, is that a shock?Who is Zhu Yi?This name is too strange, her video on the net is not much, and from the appearance level and figure, she is inferior to Chen Hongyi too much.Chen Hongyi is the “goddess” in the hearts of many people, indeed, many men.If such a girl takes the place of a goddess in many people’s hearts to participate in the Olympics, it means breaking the myth of beauty in their hearts.Chen Hongyi gave up gaokao for Olympics VS Zhu Yi ‘scientist father’ Our Chinese Internet users are extremely capable of searching for information.If you don’t know who Zhu Yi is, check to see how she can replace Chen Hongyi.This is a big one.Good guy, it turns out that Zhu Yi has a great scientist father, dean of the Institute of Intelligence of Peking University, it turns out that Zhu Yi was not Chinese before, just became a citizen for 2 years, it turns out that his grades were not very good before, it turns out that Zhu Yi can’t speak Chinese.Then extended “Zhu Yi can sing the national anthem” and a series of conjecture.On the contrary, Chen Hongyi, the net friend fine line found that Chen Hongyi actually so hard, so beautiful even, actually so good, but also once in order to participate in the Olympic Games, for the country to fight, twice postponed the college entrance examination.Two relative ratio, Chen Hongyi boarded the hot search, people regret for her.Zhu Yi was also listed on the popular search page, prompting people to feel angry that there was something shady and unfair about it, and people speculated that the girl was riding on her scientist father’s reputation to get into the Olympics.What are the facts?How to quell doubts and anger?Only let the skating federation release the selection video for the concern of netizens, we might as well see whether the scores of Chen Hongyi and Zhu Yi could be manipulated. First, let’s look at the rule: the total score of women’s singles is composed of long program (FS) and short program (SP) scores.The program score is composed of T points (BV basic points + GOE technical completion points) and P points (performance points). Bv is determined, GOE is based on the quality of the completion of the action, and P points are based on the artistic expression points.Therefore, the goE (action completion score) and P (performance score) are the natural results of the test match. These two scores can be said to depend on the judges to some extent, and THE P score is more subjective.It is possible. How can the controversy be settled?The only way to do that is to have the skating federation release a video of the trials so that the experts who know what they’re doing can judge.Last but not least: the “scientist father” conspiracy theory should have an element of theoretical injustice in any contest.Back to reality, no matter what the process is, there is no reason to mock athletes who play for their country.Zhu Yi or Chen Hongyi, whoever fights for the country, deserves our applause.If you are a fan of Chen Hongyi, even if she is your goddess, we should give up that stubborn prejudice and cheer for Zhu Yi for the time being.Chen Hongyi is undoubtedly full of regret, so hard for so long, but can not participate in the Olympic Games, it is a pity.But the world is always so, full of regret.Finally, put the conspiracy theories of “scientist fathers” to rest.Our Olympics are not about pandering for a place.You have to have some confidence.And it’s not even a gold-medal game.In the end, the reason for so much controversy on the Internet is the unconvincing argument of the organizers of the competition.Figure skating is a beautiful sport, played on ice, so pure that it should not be tarnished.Leave the beauty of holiness on the ice.