The history of Chinese women’s football team winning gold MEDALS

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The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal at the age of Ren Yin. The tiger came out and Cuju kicked off. Men were worried and women were happy.On the first day of the lunar New Year, the division of my beard and beard went on an expedition to the South Ocean to fight Vietnam. Although I was not a strong army of Argentina and Prussia, I was no better than the enemy of your generation, and this was easy to hear.However, I can do things that are difficult to do in the world, and I can give people something that is difficult to predict.Surprisingly, they lost to Central South by a pair of three.Is the night, people down, billion trillion are angry, the head coach is also on tenterfeet, the world.Thank you and how, long help not xing, jietan just.The mountains and rivers were dark, the people were depressed, and suddenly the drums of war were heard.Or ask: This what sound also?What is this teacher also?Answer: this women’s football team also, should fight with Korea, in order to contend for hegemony in Asia.Chinese people say: MY beard and eyebrows are depressed, when the hope in women, for my mountains and rivers exhale, for our people eyebrows.Women’s soccer yue: promise, when the enemy urge the city in the father and sister before.Its voice is sonorous, its gas is strong.The sixth day, the war in Tianzhu Han.The two armies both pay, killing everywhere, tiger will meet the owl ride, Mulan met jade.Korea will Li Jinmin said: “Although the Chinese woman is strong, but not ask for sixteen years, today when the cut,” then with the ball cross, general Cui Yu Li jumped forward, as for the gates, he said: “broken”, the door then broken, Han cut a city.At that time, 27 minutes also.In the rematch, although I am brave, I have more than one day, but NOT me, I will Yao Lingwei rushed to the front, a ball horizontal, stick its arm.Both front touch ban, then put array penalty kicks, Han will pool laugh extraordinary people also, single gun in front of the city, and a city.At that time, forty-seven minutes also.Since I had fallen into the hands of the two cities, the people of the country were surprised and worried.However sonorous tiger will, not ordinary people can also predict.Although defeated for a while, but the army is unremittingly, the arrangement of its spirit.Coach Shui Qingxia yi will, to Zhang Rui, Xiao Yuyi Yi Lou Jiahui, Wu Chengshu.In the past 16 years, our women’s football team, though brave, has lost many times in the semifinals. A few days ago, after defeating Japan, the crowd was excited and wanted to throw the water coach, who stopped saying, “How happy we are today? We should go straight to the yellow Dragon day and drink with you.”Last year, the women’s football team was defeated in Tokyo, and all the players lost their spirit. Master Shui said, “Victory or defeat is not at hand. The three armies should nourish their spirit and hold their hearts.”Zhang Linyan, a young primus general, felt uneasy at her seat. As she rusted her fist and stretched her bow, she stepped toward her tent and was about to go to war. Master Shui said, “Since Wang Shuang is wounded, he cannot fight for long.This fifty-nine minutes also.In the time also, The Korean armed forces a little lazy, The Chinese women will behead a city, penalties also.The sixty-seven minutes also.When he had broken the city and was a little stronger, General Tang exclaimed, “Does General Zhang care?”Zhang Linyan, in the midst of the conflict, said to Tang Jiali, “The general called me, and there must be the art of breaking the city.”Miss Tang smiled and said, “Of course.”Two will linger, no, Tang Jiali big shout: “the door can be broken.”Two will be a ji, Zhang Linyan potential such as flying falcon, gas such as thunder, big shout break, cut a city.This seventy-one minute also.Fu and Han had exhausted their strength, exhausted their ambition to attack and exhausted their defense. Although the soldiers had not retreated from the battle to the death, the Chinese rose was like water coming from heaven, and the wind cracked the stone hills and peran were no longer adequate.As for ninety-three minutes, the front of the town shouted: “General Shaw has broken the battle.”But see long cloud rush, the gate collapse, a will have no front, burst into the enemy city, beheaded and roar.See it, tiger xiao Yuyi is also, Chinese women sui hegemony.Is the night, shenzhou sleepless, the world thunder call.Or play yue: beard of shame, MY women have reported.Taishi Liu yue: don’t smell the victory of man’s foot for a long time, its also destiny?What is destiny?But self-improvement is also, but also know shame, people can forget the body, god is to help.Husband to unbeaten ambition, unyielding force, although the wind and rain like rock, nine dead 100 back, also can be in full bloom as tiger, fragrant sonorous.Everyone is rose, different, whether sonorous strength, in full bloom.