Media person Li Xuan broke the news: someone deliberately put rotten, fans voice the FOOTBALL association thorough investigation!

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Media person Li Xuan broke the news: someone deliberately put rotten, fans voice the FOOTBALL association thorough investigation!Recently, the Chinese women’s soccer team finished their tournament and arrived in Suzhou to stay in the same five-star hotel as the men’s team.Since the women’s football team won the gold medal, it has enjoyed high standard treatment, and even the attention has been constantly improved. The women’s football team has gained many supporters because of its performance.The reason why I can get everything now is completely obtained by my own efforts. By contrast, the actor has been enjoying the top logistics support, but his performance on the field has been criticized.Women’s football team let us see a lot of impossibility, as a champion team, unexpectedly with a male lost to Vietnam in the same hotel, it is inevitable that some embarrassment.Fortunately, they are currently in isolation and do not see each other on weekdays, so they stay in their rooms.If the head does not rise to see every day, surely men’s football in front of women’s football can not lift the head, who can think of the largest men’s football but lost it!It was enough to lose to Japan, but not to Viet Nam with 90 million people, not counting the old, the sick, the newborns, etc.Even if the men’s football fans wanted to defend it, they couldn’t find a reason for it. It was a very weak and humiliating moment.More from the side to prove to everyone, the national football team in the past few years not only did not progress, but also declined.On top of that, there are a lot of naturalized players, which is hard to accept from any point of view.In the last two days, media person Li Xuan reported that the National football team lost the match with Vietnam very strange, some people feel deliberately bad do not want to win.To know Li Xuan but an authoritative media big V, is a public figure, if there is no basis for sure wouldn’t say, more know the seriousness of this matter, since can exactly, must be in the hands of the relevant information, the hard to avoid the fans curious, if it is true, what is the purpose, actually don’t want to win?There are many fans directly appeal to the FOOTBALL association should be thorough investigation, whenever there is a problem players should be found out.The performance of the players on the field can also be seen through big data, whether the data pass errors and so on can be seen the performance of the players, if it is really deliberately rotten, then it is not only pit Li Xiaopeng.Although I do not know whether this matter is true, but the players deliberately bad practice is not worth advocating, not to condone.If there are players who don’t work hard, then they need to be removed from the team, and they should never be allowed to play for the national team. Of course, people should not be able to make rumors until everything is known.The above is just a small series of personal views, welcome to leave a message to discuss.