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Xiao Nian quit the old year, big drama to welcome the New Year.Under the guidance of the Industry Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Peking Opera And China Mobile Migu held an online broadcasting seminar and the launch ceremony of the 2022 drama “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” in Beijing on Jan 25.Culture and tourism industry development secretary Gao Zheng, wang yong, vice President of the Beijing Opera academy dean, Chinese dramatist association, China mobile Migu livid, the general manager of our company, the famous Peking Opera artist kuizhi yu, shengsu li, a famous writer, mo yan, vice-president of the China writers association, and the media, drama industry experts to attend, around the “pregnant, new online studio, digital innovation open new bureau”, the theme of theExplore the future of online entertainment industry.Online studio “in extremely good fortune” launching ceremony on January 25 solstice on February 15, national Peking Opera with China mobile Migu co-productions in extremely good fortune, 5 g + 4 k studio will recreate the Spring Festival, in the form of “technology + art”, speak good new era quintessence story, the transmission of cultural innovation industry development new benchmark continues to lead online studio.During the Spring Festival last year, the National Peking Opera Company and China Mobile Migu company presented the classic Peking Opera “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” in the form of 5G+4K online performance for the first time, creating the first example of exploring the whole process of online performance business model, which generated a warm response in the industry.As the Spring Festival of 2022 approaches, Migu company and The National Peking Opera House will upgrade the performance mode of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” on the basis of the successful cooperation last year.Gao Zheng, director general of the Industrial development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said at the seminar that the project of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” is a re-optimization and re-promotion based on the summary of last year’s practice.The National Peking Opera Theater gives full play to the leading and exemplary role of the “national team” of Peking Opera and the “pacesetter” of literature and art, actively embraces new technologies, new models and new formats, continuously promotes the innovative development of online broadcasting, and creates a golden sign for the inheritance of traditional culture and overseas dissemination.China Mobile Migu company gives full play to the natural advantage of being backed by China Mobile, and does a good job in the commercial practice of online broadcasting and the promotion and dissemination of traditional art with heart, affection and effort. It has well fulfilled the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises, and fully embodies the spirit of responsibility of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises.In his opinion, the online broadcast of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” will continue to create a cultural atmosphere of “celebrating the Chinese New Year and watching the drama in the clouds”, and provide a cultural feast combining tradition and fashion for the people during the Spring Festival.Gao Zheng, director of the Industrial development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Peking Opera never stops integrating with new technologies.Wang Yong, president of the National Peking Opera, said in his speech that the national Peking Opera hopes to explore a way of development and set up a model of broadcasting by launching “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang”.The performance of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” is no longer a simple online performance, but constructs the world landscape of opera in the network space and even the future meta-universe space, breaks the time division and space constraint, reveals the persistence of artistic life and the significance of artistic charm.Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company, introduced the three upgrading features of the performance of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” at the seminar of Wang Yong, president of The National Peking Opera Theater.First, continue to innovate the 5G+4K online broadcasting mode of opera performance, integrate various real-time interaction modes such as cloud box, cloud Shouting and cloud appreciation, and bring you Zixi, the first Sapiens student, to the National Peking Opera Theater to write a new chapter of “5G Peking Opera Meta-universe”;Second, to create a new social consumption model based on Peking Opera scenes, and launch the first “Cloud Opera Fans Festival”;Third, it explores a new pattern of “media communication” of Peking Opera culture at home and abroad to help Chinese culture go global.Migu Will work with the National Peking Opera House to upgrade the online performance mode of “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang”, and create a benchmark demonstration project of “digital theater” and “theater on the cloud” based on the latest digital technology to help transform the global performing arts industry and promote the innovative development of traditional culture in the 5G era.China mobile Migu company general manager livid higher-ups Total agent industry new future in keynote link online studio, a famous writer, mo yan, vice-president of the China writers association, Chinese opera culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture in Chinese history development, social progress and cultural development in the effect that cannot replace.Nowadays, through the Internet platform, the quintessence of Chinese art is introduced to the public, increasing the absolute number of Peking Opera audiences and deepening their understanding of The art of Peking Opera.Mo yan thinks that the cooperation between the National Peking Opera Theater and China Mobile Migu to promote Peking Opera is in line with the realistic context and the effect is satisfactory.Hao Rong, vice secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Central Academy of Drama, spoke highly of the online broadcast of Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang as a typical example of the combination of art and technology, especially classical art and modern technology.Lu Xiaobo, dean of the Academy of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University and vice chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, said the online broadcast of “Dragon and Phoenix” makes Peking Opera more contemporary, fashionable and young, and will enable more people to understand and appreciate Peking Opera and enrich our spiritual life.Duan Peng, vice president of The Communication University of China and executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Media Convergence and Communication, believes that the broadcast of Dragon and Phoenix In the Spring Festival is a successful practice of helping the quintessence of Chinese culture and achieving a breakthrough in technology.Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, introduced the efforts made by China Mobile to promote the development of digital culture and intelligent culture through the new information service system of “connection + computing power + ability” from the perspective of science and technology.In the opinion of Song Zhen, professor and doctoral supervisor at the Central Academy of Drama and director of the Advanced Research Center for Digitalization of Traditional Theater, Peking Opera is an art of actors, and the essence of online broadcasting is human-centered broadcasting, including future expansion.Wang Kui, director of the Chinese Academy of Arts’ Opera Research Institute, believes that the excellent Peking Opera such as “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” is the root and soul of cyberspace, and the national integrity should be maintained in the future technological space and technological era.Peking Opera is an important form of expression of traditional Chinese culture. The classic opera “Dragon and Phoenix Bring Good luck” is an auspicious play with auspicious connotations and must be celebrated on festivals.The online studio “in extremely good fortune” by the famous Peking Opera artist kuizhi yu, shengsu li starred in, many famous operatic rookie co-star, also invited to the Chinese dramatist association, chairman of the famous artist pu cunxin as guided Tours, professor, director of the institute of Beijing Opera Zhao Jingbo interpretation, build team luxury online quintessence feast.Kuizhi yu, shengsu li said at the seminar, “in extremely good fortune online studio will drive the whole Peking Opera art in the era of new media, in the new era has a better promotion and development prospects, create opportunities for young actors, nurture more young audience, looking forward to using China mobile Migu invisible wings, make the traditional art constantly leap forward.Famous Peking Opera Artist Yu Kuizhi Famous Peking Opera artist Li Shengsu When the quintessence of Chinese culture meets science and technology, tradition and future collide with each other, quintessence of Chinese culture has more possibilities in the technological change.During the opening ceremony, you Zixi, a number wisdom expert created by China Mobile Migu Company, made an amazing appearance as “the first Number Wisdom student of the National Peking Opera Theater”, bringing an emotional Peking Opera recitation to the scene.It is reported that China Mobile Migu company uses sub-millimeter level digital technology scene and motion capture technology, so that you Zixi from facial expressions and movements to Peking Opera costumes, almost real texture.Through the innovation of “technology” + “visual presentation of the quintessence of Chinese culture”, Migu Company breaks through the boundary between virtual and reality, and realizes the first breakthrough of digital intelligence in the content level of “sports + Quintessence of Chinese culture”.In the future, migu will continue to deepen cooperation with The National Peking Opera House based on its comprehensive development and operation capabilities, helping the Peking Opera House to upgrade its online digital broadcasting and explore new formats of online broadcasting.The quintessence of Chinese New Year, the show is in place!From January 25 to February 15, the online broadcast of dragon and Phoenix Will be broadcast on Migu Video, Migu Music, Migu OVERSEAS platform (Migu C), China Mobile Magic 100, 5G FUN Theater and other platforms to enjoy Chinese classics and celebrate the Year of the Tiger.(Photo provided by the organizer) Editor: Gou Xiaoqing Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: