Demonstration area public security sub-bureau to carry out awards to post activities

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Key stages in epidemic prevention and control work, for the recognition of advanced, morale, April 5 in the afternoon, branch, vice secretary of party committee, political commissar of wei riverside, director of the party committee member, ZhengBanShi lury line respectively to move mouth station, big wide high-speed epidemic prevention and control ZhiQinDian, epidemic prevention and control ZhiQinDian Gao Tiedong stand, for the recent performed very well in the epidemic prevention and control work of the police, auxiliary police give prize.In moving mouth station, wei will waterfront city bureau awarded “excellent political chief to the city’s public security organs” honorary certificate delivered to move mouth police station instructor Fang Ya hands often, and requires moving mouth police station comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control within the camp, to carry out the place sanitizers, wearing masks, entry inspection measures, such as the good internal control.At the epidemic prevention and control stations of the Daguang-Guangzhou Expressway and the East High-speed Railway Station, Wei Jiangbin read out the decision of the sub-bureau to commend zhao Jisong, a police officer of the Economic Investigation Team, wang Qiumei, an auxiliary police officer of the high-speed Railway Duty Team, for winning the award of advanced individuals, and awarded certificates of honor.At the same time, on behalf of the bureau party committee for high-speed rail and other units based on the labor of duty group, cadre on command, the comrades working overtime, day and night for epidemic prevention and control work to give the full affirmation, and praised the Zhao Jisong comrade regardless of his personal gain or loss, such as loyalty takes office, dedication to the noble quality of good style and have the courage to bear, not afraid of difficulties.Wei riverside requirements, the current epidemic workloads, the higher the job requirement is very high, all the police, the auxiliary police thought unity to bureau party committee’s decision to deploy, commended advanced typical as example, to do all work more careful, more solid, with greater determination, confidence and courage for the challenges and tasks, based on the position, role and responsible,To make due contributions to winning epidemic prevention and containment missions with a spirit of daring to win.This send award activity is a sympathy and encouragement at a time, all the people of the auxiliary police will as a new starting point, solid build disease prevention and control “protection,” called out “I on-the-job merit, I offer, I” slogan, at a higher political stance, bear greater responsibility, more solid work measures and stricter standards, strictly from solid fine pays special attention to the public security work.