Actively support spring ploughing preparation

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Our correspondent Beijing on February 17 (reporter Zhu Jun) spring returns to earth, all things recover.Rice farmer Zhong Jianwen is already busy in his field in Wucun, Longmen County, Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, after the Spring Festival.He was short of money to buy both seeds and fertilizer for his 130 mu of farmland.”Thanks to the Agricultural Bank of China’s ‘Huinong E Loan’, I just clicked my finger on my mobile phone and received the loan of 300,000 yuan, which I knew for sure.”At present, it is a critical period for spring ploughing preparation. Agriculture-related financial institutions actively support spring ploughing preparation and devote themselves to serving agricultural production.Agricultural Bank of China plans to issue 150 billion yuan in loans related to spring ploughing preparations this year, including at least 100 billion yuan in loans to key areas of grain.Agricultural Bank of China has established a green channel for spring ploughing preparation credit service, and implemented a mechanism of priority acceptance and settlement of credit approval.Spring ploughing preparation service Windows will be set up in branches of branches in main producing areas of agricultural products, and special personnel will be assigned to handle business first to ensure that financial services will not miss the farming time.Farmers can apply for the circulating “Huinong E-loan” on their mobile phones, and the total amount of loans issued in the whole year will reach more than 700 billion yuan.As an agricultural policy bank, the Agricultural Development Bank of China strongly supports spring ploughing preparation.Credit support “early” and “fast” to ensure that loans in time.As of February 10, the bank issued a total of 70 billion yuan of loans for spring ploughing preparation, an increase of 42.1 billion yuan year-on-year.This year, the agricultural Development Bank’s agricultural land loan is expected to be no less than 100 billion yuan, the combined investment and loan support seed industry revitalization of 20 billion yuan, support fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural machinery and other agricultural supplies of loans no less than 20 billion yuan.China Agricultural Reinsurance Company has arranged the 2022 risk guarantee in advance before the spring ploughing. It has signed a risk sharing agreement with all agricultural insurance underwriters, and the farmers insured for spring production will bear 20% of their losses in a lump sum, fully supporting the underwriters to provide more underwriting capacity for spring agricultural production.It is estimated to provide more than 1 trillion yuan of risk protection.As of February 16, the company has provided agricultural risk protection of more than 95 billion yuan to farmers for 2.26 million times, supporting the agricultural insurance industry to insure 640 million mu of farmland.According to the report, banking and insurance institutions will develop differentiated support measures for the whole industry chain, including fine seed breeding, high-standard farmland construction, agricultural machinery and equipment, and grain circulation, storage and processing, to ensure food security and agricultural and rural financial services.By the end of 2021, the balance of agriculture-related loans nationwide had reached 43.21 trillion yuan.People’s Daily (February 18, 2022 Edition 04)