Vivo original system OriginOS Ocean, showing amazing experience

2022-06-18 0 By

With the increasing popularity of the mobile phone field, more and more people have seen a new look of the development of smart phones. Both the appearance level of products and the internal performance have shown an unstoppable trend of development, and people have also seen the strength brought by the system.At the same time, the much-loved Vivo, for the system continued to make efforts to make the product to a new level.Those who know smart phones well know that a super operating system can not only give full play to the hardware strength of mobile phones, but also pay attention to the upgrade of the operating system.For example, The much-loved Vivo system OriginOS launched last year won the recognition of many users with its advantages of high freedom, smooth operation and practical function design. Just recently, Vivo launched a new original system OriginOS Ocean, which once again attracted the great attention of people.After the original system OriginOS Ocean was officially released, many people tried it for the first time. While inheriting the advantages of the original system OriginOS Ocean, it also made profound optimization. Both the appearance level and the experience are very good.On the main screen, the system of “Huarong Grid” is followed, and the new UI design is added by science and technology.The original system OriginOS Ocean also combined the two systems provided by the previous “Parallel Worlds” feature to create a more natural layout and a more comfortable visual experience.At the same time, the original system OriginOS Ocean has also readjust the text layout and upgraded the folder system.Folders host different applications and atomic components, and can be adjusted in size, name, and color.In addition, OriginOS Ocean’s atomic component style has changed and the number of components has increased to accommodate more applications.Photo taking interface is more convenient. In the photo taking interface and music small window interface, the original system OriginOS Ocean has also made great changes.For example, in the photo taking interface, many parameters and technology Settings buttons needed for shooting are integrated, so that the overall interface gives a more concise feeling.And the user in zoom shooting, but also through the sliding button to complete the corresponding operation, can be said to be more convenient.OriginOS Ocean also brings a new experience when playing music technology, even in the lock screen can quickly turn on the atomic walkman.In addition, the color, button style and background color on the music panel of the Music small window interface can be customized, and users can set it according to their own preferences.In addition, in the process of playing music, the color and shape on the music panel will also change according to the rhythm, which further improves the operating experience from the visual perspective.After seeing the powerful strength of OriginOS Ocean, I believe that many friends like me who have experienced this system are shocked and feel the strong strength of Vivo. In this way, it makes people love and trust it more.