Trumpchi M6 PRO, that’s the MPV you’re buying

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To be honest, in terms of the unique domestic market demand, compared with SUV, focusing on the ride space and comfort of MPV models, in fact, more suitable for the Chinese Jia Family with mouth.However, the problem is that the so-called home MPV must meet the needs of home users, but in the market, commercial MPV has the upper hand, so that when people think of MPV, they must think of professional drivers to drive, which makes MPV not promoted in the home market.There are market and user reasons for this, but the bigger problem is clearly the Oems, because without a truly family-friendly MPV, what are the users going to do?What kind of MPV is really suitable for home users?Nowadays, many brands are focusing on building MPV models for the family market, which is a good thing, but in the immature development stage of the market, this single orientation can not meet the actual needs of the majority of users, let alone let them pay the bill.After all, it’s true that the home market is bigger, but in the eyes of consumers, commercial use will still be the biggest label of MPV for a long time, so ikea may be the key to solving the problem in this regard.Among all the MPV models of Chinese brands, Trumpchi M6 can be said to be the earliest model ikea should agree on.In fact, as an MPV model with high quality and price ratio that can better meet the needs of users in multi-vehicle scenarios, Trumpchi M6 has always enjoyed a high status in the MPV market.In early May, Trumpchi M6 again ushered in the upgrade, trumpchi M6 PRO officially launched.The OFFICIAL price range of THE M6 PRO is 129,800 yuan to 159,800 yuan.In terms of appearance, configuration, intelligence and power, trumpchi M6 PRO has been greatly upgraded. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing that since PRO and PLUS became popular in the automobile market, Trumpchi M6 PRO should be the first PRO model in the MPV market.It can be predicted that the refreshed and upgraded TRUMpchi M6 PRO will better meet the actual demand of family users for MPV models.Market positioning will determine the ultimate design style of a car, which is either young, sporty and trendy, or mature, stable and grand. However, as an IKEA MPV model,The Trumpchi M6 PRO must strike a fine balance between the two.Specifically, a new face before kei M6 PRO adopt new design, officially known as the “wing” theme cash vehicles is hale, compared to the first design of large size before the intake grille on the longitudinal completely through, chromium plating on either side of the grille adornment collocation and the unique LED day lights, give a person created a fair wing.Such an ambitious aura is enough for trumpchi M6 PRO to support various formal occasions, but what about IKEA?Trumpchi M6 PRO starts from the details, such as the air inlet pattern under the headlights, the new five-spoke cutting rim, and the popular through tailllight and suspension roof. These “caution machine” make trumpchi M6 PRO add a lot of sports atmosphere, but also make the vehicle look less serious.In terms of appearance, The M6 PRO won a “city”, stable and do not lose the style of sports, obviously more able to switch freely and flexibly in different scenes such as home and commercial, and this is the current MPVqi car market is the most lacking.Space PRO — Standard with “Queen reclining seat”, Trumpchee M6 PRO take you to easily win a MPV model of the biggest advantage?Space!Space!It must be space!Yes, the spatial performance of DUI is one of the key concerns of users, after all, it is related to the experience of subsequent cars. In this regard, Trumpchee M6 PRO completely solves the pain point, creating a length of 4780/1837/1730mm, with a wheelbase of 2810mm. The data is superior to similar models like keGL6 and Olympic Games.In addition, while the body size exceeds that of the same class, trumpchi M6 PRO also has the largest internal space utilization rate of the same class.The M6 PRO trumpchee comes with two separate rows of seats, which slide forward and backward, and four adjustable armrests. More importantly, the two rows can also be adjusted to rest mode. For a family with a hostess, such two rows of seats can be called the “queen’s reclining chair”.So what are men waiting for in the M6 PRO trumpchi?Of course, even in a commercial setting, the Trumpchi’S M6 PRO has ample seating.In addition, the M6 PRO also has a 170mm width of two rows of passageways, so that passengers in and out of the third row are not too stuffy. The height of 960mm and the seat cushion of 320mm can also make the third row adult passengers have a more comfortable space.What’s more, the third-row seats fold into the trunk, creating a huge storage space for family trips.Smart PRO — Safe and convenient, how smart is trumpchi M6 PRO?Safety and intelligence are no longer limited to the difference between home and commercial MPV. In this respect, trumpchi M6 PRO also covers all aspects.Trumpchi M6 PRO is equipped with a standard integrated large screen. The original 7-inch mechanical instrument + 8-inch central control screen is upgraded to 7-inch LCD instrument + 10.25-inch central control screen. In addition, trumpchi M6 PRO is equipped with Huawei HiCAR system to achieve wireless screen projection of mobile phones at the same level with only YI non-inductive connection.Trumpchi M6 PRO still maintains the carplay and Carlife functions of cash M6, even if it is not used to it at the beginning.In terms of safety, The M6 PRO has directly added 10 all-round L2 intelligent driving assistance system technology configurations, including FCW forward collision warning assistance, AEB automatic emergency braking assistance, AEB-P pedestrian identification and protection, ACC adaptive cruise assistance and other functions.What’s more, the trumpchi M6 PRO is equipped with a third-generation 270T engine and a seven-speed wet dual clutch automatic transmission?, also brought 100 kilometers 7.5L ultra-low fuel consumption.No matter how you look at it, whether for home and commercial use or high-speed urban areas, trumpchi M6 PRO can provide better fuel efficiency while bringing a full range of safety protection.Obviously, as a mid-term modified model, trumpchi M6 PRO has further improved its product strength once again on the already good basis. This is good news for Chinese consumers who are fond of pursuing large space and comfort.As the home MPV market is gradually improving, trumpchee M6 PRO is almost impeccable and praised by the whole family, whether it is the superior comfort experience brought by the queen’s repose seat or the spacious seat space in front, middle and back.What’s more, looking at the whole MPV market, Trumpchi M6 PRO will be the strongest among 120,000-150,000 grade products.So, back to the original question — what kind of MPV is really suitable for home users?My answer is definitely the M6 PRO trumpchi from IKEA.