Sun Haiyang for Liu Xuezhou voice, too worried about sleep all night, the words of the heart hit how many people’s face

2022-06-18 0 By

With their three children, Sun Haiyang and his wife recently returned to their hometown in Hubei province for a happy Reunion.Around 6 PM yesterday, Sun posted a video on social media.In the video, Sun said that in the early hours of the morning, his mobile phone kept vibrating, he couldn’t sleep and felt abnormal.So picked up the mobile phone, a call from Guangzhou, the other party scared to keep crying, is worried about Liu Xuezhou’s suicide note, he read a long article is very sad.The next morning came the terrible news that Liu xuezhou swallowed medicine in Sanya beach. Although he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment by kind-hearted people, he finally failed to save his life and died forever at around 4 am.After knowing this news, Sun Haiyang is very painful, but also expressed helpless to this.Sun and his wife had left messages for each other, hoping he could read them, encouraging him to be strong and that everything would be ok, but ultimately failed to prevent the tragedy.”Children are kind. We adults should understand them more and treat them better. They are children,” Sun said.Sun Haiyang this one words from the heart, hit how many people’s face.After liu Xuezhou’s accident, how many so-called adults criticized him on the Internet.Eventually led to Liu Xuezhou can not stand the network violence, collapse suicide, it can be said that these network violence is a murderer.To take a look at the whole story, let’s see what Liu Xuezhou did. He was sold by his parents when he was just born, just for a few thousand yuan.When he was four years old, his adoptive parents died in an explosion, leaving Liu to live with his grandmother.From primary school, Liu xuezhou has been experiencing school bullying, to junior high school, and was violated by abnormal male teachers.Finally found his biological parents, but once again abandoned by the other side, homeless.Want to beg for a statement for oneself, but again by countless netizen net violence: scheming bitch, niang, right now he is still a child of only 15 years old.After liu Xuezhou, let’s take a look at what his parents did. They sold their child when he was just born, just for a bride price of several thousand yuan.After Liu Xuezhou identity, do not let Liu Xuezhou into the house, there is no way, Liu Xuezhou can only live in the home aunt.Later, liu xuezhou’s parents in order to control public opinion, constantly slandered Liu Xuezhou on the Internet, so that Liu Xuezhou suffered endless network violence.And Liu Xuezhou just wants his biological parents to raise him and give him a home, is it wrong?Throughout the whole affair, Liu xuezhou’s biological parents committed the crime of abandonment, the crime of buying and selling children, and the online control of public opinion, which eventually led to their own children collapsed and committed suicide.In the face of such a situation, I really can’t think of what kind of twisted view of the three made the mob support Liu xuezhou’s parents on the Internet and turn to slander Liu Xuezhou.As Sun Haiyang said, children are kind and adults should understand them more.If these netizens are sensible enough and treat Liu well, I don’t think Liu will leave this world.”Strong in the face of life”, Liu Xuezhou is just a 15-year-old child, for this age of children, he needs affection, need to encourage, need to treat, but do not need to be strong.When a child needs to be strong to survive, imagine what a mess his life has become.Finally, I hope Liu Xuezhou no longer needs to be strong in heaven and returned to his adoptive parents. Maybe liu Xuezhou will be happier.If you have anything to say about this, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.