Chen Hao celebrates his 41-year-old wife’s birthday!Slender slender girl feels enough, three children inherit their parents high appearance level

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TVB actress Chen Yinwei recently shared some photos of her birthday party on her social media account with a caption wishing herself a happy birthday, which received many wishes from her fans.In the photo Chen shared, she wore a very fresh red rose dress that outlined her slim waist, showing that she is in good shape every day, unlike her 41-year-old.Chen yinwei’s birthday party on the spot placed a lot of different kinds of different colors of flowers, not only flowers made of flowers, there are flowers decorated with a yellow and pink two cakes, each cake is very colorful flowers.In addition, the venue also hung the little princess logo symbol, and many balloons composed of large balloons.Chen’s English name was written on the balloon, along with a happy birthday message and a call for her “angel” on the cake.Chen yinwei also looked like an angel at the birthday party. Her ponytail revealed her entire face, which was smooth and exquisite without a single wrinkle, and her smile was infectious.In addition to wishing herself a happy birthday, Chen also expressed her best wishes to netizens, saying that she hopes they can also be healthy and happy.Many fans expressed their wishes for her birthday.The photos Chen shared were all from her husband Chen Hao’s point of view, and she posed in different poses under the camera. Her figure and comments attracted attention.The goddess’s face was full of happiness, and she must have been bathing in it.In addition to the individual photos, Chen shared a photo of her two sons standing in front of their mother. The older son is smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers.The youngest daughter was held in the arms of father Chen Hao, a face of innocence, three children appearance level is very high.However, in the family happiness, Chen Hao is wearing a white mask, his face is also a little red, looks very happy in the process of celebrating his wife’s birthday, even his face is red with excitement.Chen Yinwei and Chen Hao are TVB’s famous star couple. Like every ordinary couple, they are often seen walking around the food street holding hands to enjoy the food. When they are met by netizens, they also take photos with them naturally, without AIRS.After shopping, Chen yinwei is also very willing to share life, Posting a photo of herself sitting on the seat of a car holding a string of bi “yeah” expression, at the same time, she is very friendly and smiling.As a former Miss Hong Kong champion, Chen’s appearance is widely recognized and she surprised everyone when she won the competition for the first time in 2006.Later, she also successfully signed a contract with TVB with this award, which entered the development of the entertainment industry.During her time with TVB, Chen appeared in many TV series and became a childhood goddess in many people’s hearts.She announced to the media the good news of her marriage to Chen Hao after filming Across the Coast.After getting married, Chen focused on her family.It wasn’t long before she and Chen Hao had a baby together.After having children, she left the entertainment industry completely to focus on raising her children.Some media accused her of not being career-minded and losing her shape after marriage.But Chen always seemed to know what she wanted to do and paid little attention to the bad press and focused on living her life.