After the Spring Festival I on-the-job | 90 “small white” the hills “second life”

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The Spring Festival is a happy time for the whole country to celebrate and the whole family to get together. It is also a time when people who have traveled abroad feel homesick and homesick the most.Often the New Year’s Festival is approaching, the people who are fighting in the outside bags and bags, travel thousands of miles, just want to return to the hometown of heart and heart, and family sit together to spend the festival.However, protecting the peace of the people is the glorious and sacred duty and mission of the people’s police, in the lights of the family, sharing the reunion, the majority of public security auxiliary police still stick to their posts, protect peace, which includes tongliao Branch left rear flag public Security Bureau after 90 new police comrade Zhang Ao figure.Zhang Ao comrade, male, born in 1991, daqing city, Heilongjiang Province, in December 2020, he passed the civil service exam to become a people’s police, now working in the Left rear banner Public Security Bureau Zhari Su police station.As a police “little white”, the public security business, he took the initiative to learn, modestly consult, use spare time to make up for learning, is to be able to adapt to the needs of the job faster, better serve the people.After more than 400 days of study, exercise and training, he completed the identity and role transformation from “student” to “policeman”. His working ability and level kept improving, and gradually grew into the backbone of the police station.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.Kezuo houqi is my second home, to protect her is to protect my own home!”On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2021, the COVID-19 situation was still grim. He actively responded to the call of celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot and took the initiative to fight for war. He actively engaged in joint prevention and control of the epidemic and maintaining social stability.It was the first time for him to leave his hometown and his parents and relatives. He spent his first Spring Festival as a police officer in a job 460 kilometers away from home. It was also the first time for him to truly feel the hardships of public security work and the heavy responsibilities on his shoulders.”Happy New Year, mom and dad. I’m doing fine here. I’ll come back to see you after I finish my work.However, he was only busy for half a year. He did not return home until the Dragon Boat Festival approached. He only accompanied his parents for three days and then hurried back to the team to continue to fight in his post.Zhari Su Town of Kezuo Rear Banner is located at the junction of Mongolia, Jilin and Liao provinces, with special geographical location and large personnel flow, which brings many challenges to the daily work of the police station.As police station field police, Comrade Zhang Ao also participates in processing many police situation, among them have let him remember deeply, because that is he uses old home “relation” the achievement that supports post work.On the evening of April 7, 2021, the Zhari Su police station received a call for help from a staff member of the China Energy gas station under its jurisdiction, saying that a driver of a large truck had finished filling up his gas tank without paying for it.Zhang and his colleagues rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm.It was learned that the driver chose wechat to pay after adding more than 1,160 yuan of diesel fuel at the gas station, but the staff found that the payment had not been received and the driver had already left.Zhang Ao immediately retrieved the surveillance video and found that the car had a license plate in Daqing, Heilongjiang province. As the owner’s information in the vehicle system had not been updated, he could not contact the driver.So he issued an application for assistance to the Daqing police through the banner Public Security Bureau, while playing to his own “advantages”, and mobilized his parents and relatives in the city of Daqing to “find a needle in a haystack” in the circle of friends, looking for the car owner.Everything pays off, eventually he successfully found the owner wang mou, after dialing the phone Wang mou knew that the payment was not successful, then he immediately paid the oil, and apologized to the gas station staff, the driver will also specially made a banner, specially sent to zhang Ao hands to thank him.Although the police time is still short, but Zhang Ao comrades keep in mind the people’s police purposes, always put the people in the heart.In November 2021, Kezuo Houqi was hit by the most severe snowstorm ever recorded, which severely disrupted traffic on the roads under its jurisdiction.11 early morning, the police station received help from the masses said that three cars more than ten people trapped in zha Su town company Tabangge gacha next to the road, the car and just discharged from the elderly and infants, police help is urgently needed.After receiving help, Zhang ao and his colleagues immediately responded to the police to carry out rescue, and when they arrived near the scene, they found that the actual location of the trapped people was not under the jurisdiction of the institute.But considering the urgency of the situation, he and his colleagues continued to search through half a meter of snow and walked another two kilometers to find the trapped people on a rural road in Chaganao Bao Gacha, Hailutu town, after asking for permission from the headquarters.He immediately come forward to check personnel and vehicle body condition, side to arrange colleagues with a police car will be escorted to go home, baby one check for Sue the township government to apply for forklift truck to carry out the rescue work, after more than three hours of effort, the snow on the road is clear, see a left after the people trapped, before he and his colleagues returned to the police station.This year, the Spring Festival, winter Olympics “double happiness”.Comrade Zhang Ao is well aware that the mission of the public security organs is glorious and the task is arduous.He volunteered, stick to the post, continue to contribute to the stability of the area, the people’s peace.At this moment, Zhang Ao and colleagues still stick to the post line, fighting in the Spring Festival, winter Olympics security work…….Text: Yang Yang Zhou Lianlong editor: Chen Xiaowen Review: Wang Qiang supervisor: Zhang Wei reprint please indicate the source