Why actress Wu Qian divorced, the net friends are scolding her ex-husband Zhang Yujian?

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Love is a two-way game. If only one person tries, all that’s left is a mess.Women always think that married to love, will grow old together, never abandon, but I do not know, love is the most devalued currency, from the beginning, it reached a peak, the future along, but is to ensure that it does not devalue just.A man who loves you will never declare himself single when he is in love with you.If a man loves you, he will not grant you marriage until he has a child.If he does, it just means he loves himself more.A man who loves himself more will never bring a woman a sense of security. What he brings are nightmares and tears.If a man low-key marriage, at least that he does not value this marriage;If a man divorces in a high profile, it means he wants to end the relationship.There are three things in this world can not be hidden one is poverty, two is cough, three is love and happiness when you are happy, do not say others will understand;When you are not happy, even if every possible shade, others will understand.Before marriage, Wu Qian’s face of collagen, a face of pride after marriage, only exhausted, and no longer luminous eyes.She spent her purest energy in this marriage, and what a husband gave, the wife would show.If a wife is unhappy, even the best and most expensive cosmetics cannot make her happy.In fact, marriage, rather than looking for a love of the person, it is better to find a right person, love to look at the appearance, the right person to look at the character.Looks are unreliable, but character can last a long time.A good marriage for a woman, is a good maintenance;A bad marriage is the poison of a woman’s life.For the unfortunate marriage, the best thing to do is to get out in time, just like people trapped in the mire, the more struggle, the more deeply trapped, only to climb ashore, there is a chance of survival.After Wu Qian’s divorce, the net friend sent not stone, but full blessing;And her ex-husband Zhang Yujian, received is full of sarcasm.It is not that the net friend has the enemy with him, but although he tries every means to conceal, sets up the person to play every drop of water, but what kind of person he is, others already know.For a woman to give up her career for a man, marry and have children at the best age, we can only say she is a little silly;If the man doesn’t value the effort and regards it as shit, then we can only say that the man is not a little bad.