The most pitiful are Chinese parents today

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Why Chinese parents are not like foreign parents.Poor heart all the parents, the most poor is now China’s parents, in order to give the child care children, to give up their lucrative, quiet, hard-working, and always with the children’s footsteps to major cities across the country, and even abroad, for children, care for grandchildren, grandson efforts pay, complaint or regret.According to records, many Chinese retirees fly to Toronto in spring and summer every year, and a number of them fly back to China in autumn and winter every year.They travel regularly between Canada and China like a flock of old migratory birds.These seniors were not traveling to Canada to enjoy their retirement, but were invited by their sons and daughters to take care of their children.Most of their children are in full-time education or part-time education. Most of them are financially strapped and have little time to take care of their young children.On the one hand, I can help with the housework and save time to read books or work more. On the other hand, I can take care of the children and save the expense of sending the children to Daycare or Kindergarten.Frankly speaking, the children’s choice is more selfish, although some are helpless.However, these Elderly Chinese people always devote their last efforts to their children and grandchildren.They understand that their sons and daughters are going through tough times and need a hand up.Some countries in Europe and the United States abroad, parents will not give their children’s efforts, more will not take care of the next generation of children.Different from Chinese society, they have never had the concept of raising children to take care of their old age. In their view, raising a child is to train him to become an independent and free individual, which has nothing to do with his parents, let alone bear the burden of supporting obligations.But a recent British rule breaks with the old system in Europe and the US.According to the documents, the British government is considering giving grandparents who look after grandchildren the same benefits as parents, such as paid leave.British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to make supporting the more than 200,000 grandparents who care for their grandchildren part of his Party’s general election campaign.This is a group of people who take on the burden of caring for grandchildren when their children die, become seriously ill or are unable to care for young children.Mr Cameron’s Conservatives aim to give grandparents the same benefits as adoptive parents.From next year, adoptive parents in Britain will be entitled to the same nine months of paid leave as biological parents.Older people looking after their grandchildren save the UK £7 billion a year in childcare costs.British media reported that Cameron’s speech shows that the Conservative Party is ready to reach out to more than 1.9 million older voters who quietly pay for their children.Speaking at an event in north London, Mr Cameron said: “Sometimes we see grandparents taking over and bringing up their children when they are not legally entitled to the same benefits as everyone else.If you can give adoptive parents the same, why not grandparents?”Mr Cameron also wants to double spending on counselling for troubled families.About half a million families could benefit from the program, he said.Grandparents are the unsung heroes, and children brought up by Grandparents tend to do better than those brought up in the welfare system, said David Smethers, president of the charity Grandparents Plus.”I support a policy that focuses on the extraordinary and selfless,” said David Naray, chief executive of Barnardos, Britain’s largest child welfare organisation.Last year, a 68-year-old retiree in Derbyshire was allowed to become a foster mother to her grandchildren because the amount of legal support she received would have doubled if she had not been a relative to look after the children.She raised her grandson for 13 years.I also hope that there will be a preferential policy in China for those born in the 50s and 60s who take care of their children and grandchildren.