Strive to achieve “good start” | yong: Spring Festival is not shutdown MaoJin sprint “good start”

2022-06-17 0 By

During the Spring Festival, many employees of foreign enterprises in Yong ‘an gave up their holidays and chose to stay on post for the Spring Festival, working overtime to grab production.Many enterprises in Yong ‘an city have launched the issuance of red envelopes, subsidies and subsidies, provide New Year’s Eve dinner and other measures, so that workers who stay in the New Year feel the taste of the New Year, enterprises do not stop work, do not stop production, the sprint “a good start”.Fujian kang carbon composite material technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production and sales of high performance carbon/carbon (tao) composite materials in the integration of the national high and new technology enterprise, the enterprise production workshop, the workers are busy producing the customized photovoltaic materials, testing for the products, ensure the quality of the products.Fujian Kang carbon composite Material Technology Co., LTD. Office deputy director Hou Qingyun told reporters:”North in order to ensure customer order delivery on time, we are a wire production line during the Spring Festival is not production shutdown, the workers working here we will have some welfare policy during Chinese New Year, give them the gift bag of the Spring Festival, for example, greetings from out-of-town relatives, a red envelope to work overtime, and these, ensure they can set his mind at to work happily here.”In another factory, a new production line has been installed. In order to ensure that the new line can be put into production smoothly and on time, workers are also carrying out non-stop debugging.At the same time, many enterprises in Yong ‘an city also launched various preferential policies to encourage employees to stay in Yong ‘an for the New Year, do not stop work, do not stop production, the full drive to fight a “good start”.Source: Yong ‘an Rong Media Center (author: Liu Xuepeng, Lai Guangneng) New media Editor: Zhang Xishuai Source: Sanming Rong Media Center