Spring Festival to send the banner, only edge postal service warm heart!

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No matter wind or rain, no matter day or night 365 days a year, the footsteps of postal service users have never stopped. The central business Department of Xianyang Branch seriously dealt with delayed mail during the epidemic, and users sent a banner to express their gratitude.(Zhao Aixia) Ms. Li, from Suide County, Yulin City, came to the Suide Post office in The North Street, and delivered a banner to the office. She thanked them for providing thoughtful financial extension services and solving the urgent need for users.(Xue Yuan) January 29, hanzhong City, The Town of Hedongdian Hanyuan community staff to hanwang branch sent a banner “dedicated to solve the problems of practical affairs, the banner highlights the situation of fish and water”, the postal staff to carry out care for the local people in need of love service expressed high praise.(Li Qiang) Recently, the director of Baimiao Village, Pucheng County, Weinan City, sent a banner to the Pucheng County branch to thank pucheng Post for its support of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.From 2020 to 2021, Pucheng County Branch invested more than 70,000 yuan to help Baimiao Village develop grape industry greenhouses.During the period of village assistance, pucheng County Branch dispatched 3 people to the village for assistance, combined with the project of benefiting farmers, constantly strengthened the industrial development of Baimiao Village, and contributed to the poverty alleviation and industrial revitalization of Baimiao Village.(Sun Rong) When the New Year is coming, the postal people are still in their own way to provide a variety of services for users affected by the epidemic, can not go home yulin people to spend the New Year in other places, “mutton delivery” has become the first choice for many people.In order to make the mail can be quickly and accurately delivered to the hands of users, Yulin branch staff continuous combat, fighting in the mail packaging, receiving, handling campaign.(Bai Xiaofeng wu Qiaorong) On January 26, yulin branch bao Fast marketing center west Renmin Road business department in the area of a customer sent more than 2000 single mutton.In order to send the mail according to the time limit required by users, all the staff of the business department and their families go all out to pack, inspect and receive the mail outdoors.Yulin City delivery division second Party branch also timely called just off work and the background of the front-line party members rushed to the scene to help receive.In the working environment of more than ten degrees below zero, all the staff braved the cold and worked together to finish all the mail processing at 2:30 in the morning.Watching the truckloads of mail go off without a hitch, the customer smiles and hands the postal worker hot tea.(Han Xiurong) Baoji Taibai County Branch focuses on the development of delivery business in peak season, actively connects with the county troops, and successfully reaches the express delivery business of year-end condolance letters for military families, with an estimated delivery volume of 2,400.(Zhao Zhenchao) Hanzhong Mianxian Branch organized the second live broadcast of the “New Year’s Goods Festival”, which promoted the sales of agricultural special products through online interaction, second kill, product introduction and other ways, and also widely publicized the recent postal delivery, financial and other festival services, which won the majority of netizens.(Yuan Fang) Weinan City Fuping County branch seize the Spring Festival, through the early visit propaganda, and a company to reach the Spring Festival consolation goods delivery business.In order to improve user experience, Fuping County Branch organized employees to centrally paste, receive and mail, and load vehicles to ensure timely delivery.(Sun Yan) January 26, Tongchuan Wangyi District Postal branch to the hotel to fight against the epidemic to protect the livelihood of the delivery service to carry out publicity, door to door delivery of steamed bowls and New Year’s Eve dinner, by the masses.(Wang Jianqiang) Yulin City Jia County branch through door visits, for the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security received and mailed more than 3000 pieces of Spring Festival pictures, the branch organized employees to use off-duty overtime to complete the delivery.(Li Yanni) Baoji Jintai Division Company Chencangyuan team, through early visits, door-to-door to provide users with special products delivery services.Edited by Ren Xirong and proofread by Zhang Xiao