Outrageous!The Chinese snooker star advanced to the semi-finals, but was eliminated after losing the first set late

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Higgins beat Bingham 3-2 in the final to claim his first title of the season at the end of the Snooker Champions League on Feb 5, 2022.China’s Yan Bingtao and Liang Wenbo reached the last four, with Yan losing 3-2 to Higgins. The match between Liang wenbo and Bingham took a particularly bizarre turn, with Liang losing the first set for arriving late and going out 3-2.Liang Wenbo, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao have advanced to the championship group.All three were 1-2 on the opening day, but kept alive their hopes of advancing to the semi-finals.On the final day, Yan bingtao took the lead, beating Scott Donaldson, Graeme Dott and Higgins 3-0 to jump to second place with a 4-2 record.Liang Wenbo and Zhao Xintong fell into a bitter battle, in the two of the Derby, Zhao Xintong played better, to beat Liang Wenbo 3-1, saw the hope of advancing to the last four, but also let Liang Wenbo into despair.Liang finished first in the round robin, beating Bingham 3-0, but lost 3-1 to Higgins in the final round, 2-4 overall, and lost his chance to advance to the last four.In this case, Zhao Xintong promotion to the final four hope is very big, but Zhao Xintong failed to grasp the opportunity.After beating Liang, Zhao lost 3-1 to Graeme Dott and 3-2 to Scott Donaldson for a 2-4 overall record.In the end, Bingham, Yan Bingtao and Higgins took the top three places in the group, while the battle for fourth place was a tough one as Liang Wenbo, Graeme Dott, Zhao Xintong and Scott Donaldson all went 2-4.In comparison, Liang wenbo, Graeme Dott and Chiu xintong all won 10 frames, while Scott Donaldson only won 8 frames and went out at the bottom of the table.Then it was time to compare the number of negative games, Liang Wenbo with fewer negative games advantage, won the group fourth.Perhaps this result was not in Liang’s mind, which led to a bizarre scene in the semifinal when Liang arrived late.With the group fourth identity to advance to the final four, the semi-final encounter bingham, Liang Wenbo unexpectedly late, the first game was directly judged negative.Although he came from 2-0 down to take the match to a decider, he lost 3-2 to Bingham and missed out on the final.If Liang wenbo had prepared with more time and less haste, the result might have been different.Many fans joked that zhao xintong was to blame. He thought he could easily beat Scott Donaldson and advance to the final four, but he lost unexpectedly, allowing Liang Wenbo to get the final four spot unexpectedly.In the end, the two Chinese players advanced to the semifinals, but both lost 3-2, missed the final, Higgins harvest the first championship of the season.Although the result is a pity, but the Performance of Chinese players in the Champions League is really good, some details are worth summarizing, I hope they can achieve good results in the following matches!