On February 15, steel pricing | steel 3 up 12 down, scrap dip slightly adjusted

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February 15 steel scrap price adjustment steel liansheng information February 15, domestic scrap to fall.According to the statistics of steel production union, a total of 3 steel mills increased scrap purchase price, up 30-100 yuan, rising steel mills are distributed in Jiangsu, Liaoning and other provinces.A total of 12 steel mills reduced scrap purchase prices, down 20-50 yuan, down in Hebei, Shandong and other provinces.February 15, Hubei Guangshui Huaxin metallurgical scrap purchase price reduced 30 percent:Die steel 3370, Xingang sheet material 3370, heavy waste 1 3340, heavy waste 2 3300, cast steel 3320, steel head 3370, pig iron 3270, shear material 2 3200, shear material 3 3100, crushing raw material 2900, car shell 2800, color steel tile 2800, unit: Yuan/ton.Inner Mongolia Da ‘an notice: From 6:00 on February 15, all scrap materials will be reduced by 20 yuan/ton.15 Shandong Minyuan scrap steel prices fell 30:Punch 3670-3700, punch steel pipe head mixed 3660, steel cutting head, steel pipe head, die steel, billet head, round steel head 3700, steel plate material over 8 thick 3700, steel plate material over 6 thick 3650, burr edge 3550, excellent weight 3560-3670, heavy waste over 8 thick 3520, heavy waste over 6 thick 3460,Crushing shear material 3170, excluding tax.Unit: Yuan/ton.Since February 15th, Tiangang Union has reduced the purchase price of scrap steel bar pressing block and scrap steel pressing block by 30 yuan/ton.1. Steel bar pressing block: 3580; 2. Iron bar pressing block thickness ≥ 0.7:3290, excluding tax, unit: YUAN/ton.Hongxing notice: since February 15, all material type down 30 yuan/ton, look well-known!The price of all scrap steel in Anshan Baode rose by 30 yuan/ton on 15th, please see the price list for details.From February 15, Jiangsu Changqiang Steel Mill (Jingjiang) sales scrap purchase price increased 70-100, after adjustment:Light and light material 2560, bulk common shavings 3110, bulk steel shavings 3260, First grade crushing material 3440, second grade crushing material 3340, small boat sheet 3310, stamping parts 3420, silicon steel sheet 3460, heavy waste 3470, charge 3520, steel plate raw material 3560, steel plate scraps 3620, steel bar cutting 3640, excluding tax,Unit: Yuan/ton.15 Yingkou medium plate broken scrap, steel bar cutting head, steel bar pressing block price increased by 100 yuan/ton, steel scrap price increased by 50 yuan/ton;It will be executed at 0 o ‘clock on February 15, 2022, subject to the price list.At 00:00 on 15th, scrap steel of Xu Steel Group was lowered by 30. After adjustment:High quality steel plate 3650, steel plate material 1#3600, fine burden 1#3550, burden 1#3430, high quality heavy waste 1#3560, heavy waste 3460, wheel 3320, steel bar pressing block 3480, steel plate pressing block 1#3530, steel bar granulation 1#3600, roll shear steel bar granulation 3520, medium waste 3230, small waste 3030,Series 2630.Handan Huaxin scrap down 40, now implemented:Steel head 3610-3680, Chongdou discus 3610-3680, Die steel pure track U-shaped steel 3670, steel plate material 3650-3680, Angle groove plate material 3510-3610, horseshoe 3560-3610, train small material 3670, shear material 3630-3610, crushing material 3380-3430,Excluding tax, unit: YUAN/ton.On The 15th, the purchase price of scrap steel of Shanxi Huaxinyuan Iron and Steel Group was reduced by 20. After adjustment, the price of scrap steel is 3620 for high-quality heavy waste over 14, 3580 for first-grade heavy waste over 10, 3530 for second-grade heavy waste over 6 and 3430 for third-grade heavy waste, excluding tax, and the unit is RMB/ton.15 huaisteel special steel scrap down 50, adjusted after the strike price:Steel bar cutting 3840, car slicing 3790, Furnace 1 3710, weight 1 3690, weight 2 3660, weight 3 3630, shear 3590, medium 3540, medium 3540, small 2990, uniform material 2640, light material 2490, broken 1 3650, press block 1 3400, tax included, unit: YUAN/ton.From 13:00 on February 15, shandongwang special steel part of the scrap price down 20-50, boutique charge 3920 yuan, high-quality charge 3920 yuan, boutique excellent weight 3920 yuan, boutique heavy 3920 yuan, boutique grade 3790 yuan, high-quality heavy waste 3920 yuan, heavy 3890 yuan, ⅰ grade 3760 yuan, ⅱ grade 3670 yuan,Light material 3410 yuan, flange chip 3310 yuan, silicon steel sheet 3920 yuan, including tax, unit: YUAN/ton.Donghai Special steel notice from February 15, 2022 scrap down 30, weight A3580, quality steel 3650, quality steel 3730, light material.Explosives, heavy penalties for adulteration, refuse to accept with grease, stop below 6 thick!No tax.On February 15, Guangdong Shaoguan Dingxing recycled scrap prices fell 20: scrap, mold 3200-3300, steel pressure, scrap pressure 3210, pure steel head 3330, heavy waste, pig iron, hard steel 3150-3280, shear, anisal 3150-3210, shear, crushing material pressure block price interview, excluding tax, unit: yuan/ton.Disclaimer: the content released by CSSL is only for customers’ reference, not as decision-making advice.