Next generation web APP is like this!

2022-06-17 0 By

5G technology as the saying goes, “people who have no foresight will have immediate worries.” Today, China has stepped into the information age, and the current most popular is the use of wechat moments.I can’t imagine what will replace wechat when it is removed from the shelves one day.Wechat can occupy the top position in the mobile network APP market, which is inseparable from its own market user resources and technical basis.WeChat before the development of network informatization has made a lot of market research and feasibility study, WeChat development took a big step of China’s reform of information technology, its emergence, greatly satisfy the user just need to the whole market, it has powerful development is the result of contemporary users desire to the development of information technology, the development is the basis of hundreds of millions of domestic ownership of smartphone,The development of anything cannot leave quantitative change, qualitative change is inevitable.In my opinion, wechat is the initial product of qualitative change, so when entering the middle of the information age, if the wechat function is removed, what will happen?Will it affect personal travel?Will it affect commodity trading?Or will it reduce the quality of life?Personally, when one day wechat was taken off the shelves is another “wechat” when the shelves, the next “wechat” is what?Of course, no one knows for now.But I think the modern communication technology, the mainstream of the next generation to be accepted by the people APP will be a new and significant information technology revolution on behalf of the product, it may become more users than WeChat, not only in terms of shopping, trading, living, entertainment function is more important is perfect, and will be more humanized and such as advanced science and technology.The next mainstream APP of high-tech space communication technology has a powerful artificial intelligence search function.For example, a complex APP with more powerful functions is derived from various black technologies added on the basis of wechat. With the help of this more advanced APP, users can experience a full sense of science and technology and give play to their imagination. The new APP can detect the existence of surrounding dangers within a certain range.For example, for fugitives who can cooperate with the public security department to fight together, the APP will issue an alert when the fugitives approach the user to a certain distance, reminding the user to stay on high alert.For example, when users encounter any difficulties, they can complete rescue tasks with the help of the one-click artificial intelligence rescue function of the APP at any time. For example, when they make a video call with their family members, the other party can project the video object in front of the user through high-tech technology, just like in science fiction movies.Jack Ma, the famous entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, once said at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that artificial intelligence enables a new era.In the future, data will be the means of production, computing will be the productivity, and the Internet will be the relations of production. The age of intelligence is based on these changes, and the great social changes will take place accordingly.The changes brought by this technological revolution are far beyond our imagination. In the next 30 years, intelligent technology will penetrate into every aspect of society, changing traditional manufacturing, service industry, education and medical care. All our lives will be changed by data and calculation.I firmly believe that in the future, China’s science and technology will become stronger and stronger, and everyone living in China will be able to enjoy the convenience and happiness brought by the era of high-tech development.Let’s wait and see what the next wechat will look like.