31-0!Cannon, 36, broke the all-time record, best friend of lebron James, with 11 straight wins to lead the league

2022-06-17 0 By

Beijing time on February 2, the NBA regular season is a powerful strong dialogue, harden Owen together to lead the nets against league record 1 sun, match the sun long time staying ahead, nine point lead after three quarters, the two sides due to fight fierce, competition in the process of harden elbow Paul also cause was blown off malicious foul, scene at one time.The SUNS held on to beat the Nets 121-111 in the final quarter for their 11th straight win of the season.The SUNS set multiple records, winning 11 in a row for only the second time this season with 10 or more consecutive victories, the only team in the league to do so.At 41-9, the SUNS remain at the top of the standings, 3.5 games ahead of the Warriors.In addition to the team’s performance, 36-year-old Chris Paul continued to create a double-double, finishing with 20 points and 14 assists, four rebounds and two steals, and only two turnovers behind the 14 assists, again showing his point guard god style.Under Paul’s leadership, the SUNS have been very consistent in the clutch. So far this season, they have led 31 times in the first three quarters going into the fourth quarter and won all of them, making them 31-0 with a 100 percent winning percentage.Meanwhile, the SUNS are 20-3 in 23 top-eight games so far this season, the best record among the league’s elite teams.The report card speaks volumes for the SUNS and Paul, the 36-year-old cannon, who helped transform this team.Last season, in his first year with the SUNS, Paul immediately led the team to the second-best record in the Western Conference, knocked out the Lakers and clippers in the playoffs, and even lost to the Bucks, Paul improved the SUNS in almost every way.Before the start of the season, he said he liked the feeling of playing in the Finals, so the SUNS continued to improve, and now go straight to the no. 1 record in the league, beating other favorites including the Warriors, Nets and Bucks.So far, the SUNS are the no. 1 favorite to win this season’s NBA championship.Paul deserves all the credit for what he’s done. Three years ago, Houston’s Houston partnership with James Harden was criticized for falling out of his prime and was sold to the Thunder as a “junk contract.”But three years later, Paul proved himself by putting in three consecutive good performances that matched his prime, leading the rebuilding Thunder to the playoffs in his first year out of the Rockets, leading the SUNS to the Finals in his second year, and becoming a championship favorite in his third year.At 36, Paul is still one of the best players in the league.Be worth what carry is, 36, Paul, and lebron James, carmelo Anthony is close friends, now 37, three more than 35 years old veteran absolutely, but also can give their huge contribution to the team this is rare, it is belong to the veterans of the wonderful story, hoped can see these veterans more outstanding performance, continue to light dot career!(Lin Xiaoshi)