Wonderful Winter Olympics | no MEDALS, but also create history!Salute hebei athletes for Winter Olympics

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On February 20, the last competition day of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, hebei athletes also finished their last competition on this day.Looking back at the ten days of competition, we remember those wonderful and extraordinary events, but also remember those who work hard and enterprising pride.CAI Xuetong competes in Beijing, Feb 10, 2018.But there is another group of names worth remembering — the men, trained in Hebei and representing China, who fought hard on the field and made one breakthrough after another to record the country’s best winter Olympics results in those sports.Yin Zheng greets the audience after the match in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 11, 2018.They didn’t win a medal, but their spirit of endeavor and their journey to new heights deserve to be remembered forever.>>Every small step they take is a big step for hebei ice and snow sports!Yan Xingyuan of Hebei finished 40th in the men’s biathlon 10-kilometer short distance.Yan Xingyuan of Hebei competes in the biathlon mixed relay on the first competition day after the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 5, 2018.It was also China’s first appearance in the event, with Yan xingyuan helping China to a 15th place finish.On the morning of February 10, Yin Zheng, hebei’s first steel-frame bobsled of the Winter Olympic Games, set a track start record of 4.60 seconds in the first round of skating at the National Bobsled Center.The next day, he improved his start to 4.58 seconds, again setting a new track start record!On Feb 11, Yin was competing.Xinhua News Agency set two track start records, and finally achieved the fifth place to create the Chinese athletes to participate in the Winter Olympics steel bobsled event the best result, this is the Beijing Winter Olympics surrendered by Yin Zheng.On the morning of February 10, CAI Xuetong won the fourth place in women’s halfpipe snowboarding final.The picture shows CAI Xuetong in the competition.Not only Yin Zheng, the athletes trained or jointly trained in Hebei also gave wonderful results — CAI Xuetong, trained jointly by Hebei and Heilongjiang, won the fourth place in women’s halfpipe snowboard competition, setting a record for hebei athletes to participate in the History of the Winter Olympics;Jin Boyang, another athlete trained jointly by Hebei and Heilongjiang, finished fifth in the figure skating team event.Yan Xingyuan of Hebei finished 40th in the men’s biathlon 10-kilometer short distance.Yan Xingyuan won the 15th place in the biathlon mixed relay and Liu Rongsheng won the 38th place in the men’s double pursuit of cross-country skiing, all creating the best result in the history of the Winter Olympics for Chinese athletes in this event.Yan Xingyuan trains at the National Biathlon Center.But behind all this, few people know that Hebei started from scratch in winter Olympic events.After winning the bid for the 2015 Winter Olympics, Hebei province set up a winter training center and quickly established 18 provincial-level professional teams through joint construction.Over the past few years, hebei has witnessed rapid development of ice and snow sports, and its winter sports have been ranked in the forefront of the country.In 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, hebei province had only one athlete on the field for the first time.At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, eight athletes from Hebei competed in seven sports.On the field, they made history with every breakthrough.Every time they appear, let all hebei people’s passion and pride, again and again ignited.>>Liu Rongsheng (left) crosses the finish line on February 6.Hebei Daily reporter Geng Hui on February 6, cross-country skiing men’s double chase competition, Hebei athlete Liu Rongsheng won the 38th place.The 38th place may not sound like much, but it is a big breakthrough for China’s cross-country skiing program. China has participated in the men’s double pursuit of cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics for seven times, and its previous best place was 50th.Liu Rongsheng crosses the finish line of the men’s 15km (traditional technique) cross-country skiing competition at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Feb 11.For China’s cross-country skiing, late start and weak foundation is an unavoidable reality.Even before the Games, China had never competed in a full cross-country skiing event.For Liu Rongsheng, standing on the field, created history!China’s Li Chunjian and Liu Wei compete in the competition on February 15.Xinhua News Agency issued a low roar, Hebei athletes Li Chunjian and his teammates strive to push the start, the red snow cart faster and faster……On the evening of February 15, Li Chunjian of Hebei province teamed with his teammate Liu Wei in the men’s synchronized bobsled competition, ranking 22nd with a total score of 3:01.10.On February 20, li Junjian and his teammates won the 17th place in the men’s four-man bobsled competition.Either 22nd or 17th place is a place where participants’ names are most likely to be buried.The breakthrough whose name is buried may have to work harder, because China has a weaker foundation and more catching up to do in that project!Chinese athletes made their debut in 35 of the 109 events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In order to make a breakthrough in the Winter Olympics, about one-fifth of the Chinese athletes who participated in the games trained in snow and ice sports through cross-disciplinary selection.This also means that the players who cross the field and cross the disciplines need to pay hard!Evening snow at national Bobsled Center.Hebei Daily reporter Huo Yan ‘en photo of the whole Of China’s snowmobile, steel sled project started late.After li Chunjian was selected to the National bobsleigh training Team through cross-disciplinary and cross-sport selection, he even had to train abroad for a long time because there were no bobsleigh tracks and events in China.I can count on one hand the number of times I go home in a year.Asked by his mother why he had several stitches in his leg before the PyeongChang Olympics, he said, “That’s nothing. I had a concussion in my first year.”Having set two track start records, Yin Zheng’s starting ability has been rated as the world’s leading level, but his weight is relatively light, which is still his “short board” of insufficient acceleration in the sliding stage.”The team was trying to help me gain weight. They wanted me to go from 75kg to 78kg to improve my speed.”He said with a smile, I had to eat a lot and eat extra food every day, so I gained weight.But after a month, the weight stopped.It’s probably because of my constitution that I can’t eat fat.”>>They left behind, not only the extraordinary moments of the game, but also the very rich spirit of inheritance on February 10, Jin Boyang in the game.Xinhua News Agency reporter LAN Hongguang on February 10, figure skating men’s single free skating competition, one song ended, Jin Boyang raised his right fist, excited tears — he won the ninth place.Kim Boyang is in the game.Hebei Daily reporter Hao Dongwei photo ninth, away from the podium.But he has come out of two years of gloom.On February 8, he performed a perfect “four weeks of hook followed by three weeks of back outside point ice”, and on February 10, he skated a personal season best.Kim Boyang is in the game.A multi-time figure skating champion, He has reached another peak in his life. “At the last Winter Olympics, I thought I wanted to win a medal.But this time, ALL I’m thinking about is breaking through myself and winning the gold medal in spirit.””Jin Bo Yang defeated Jin Bo Yang” — he did it, but also left countless successors a great fortune.Li Qianhua is in the competition.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team failed to qualify for the quarterfinals at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 8.Hebei small general Li Qianhua, also ended his journey of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I hope I can go to the next Olympics with my teammates and have better results,” she said.I think as long as you have faith and keep working hard, your dreams will come true.”Li Qianhua (first from left, front row) and her teammates of Hebei Women’s ice hockey Team.This is hope, but also determination!As an amateur athlete, Li Was selected to the Hebei Women’s Ice hockey Team at the age of 13. In just five years, she has grown from a “little white” in ice hockey to a national team player.Li Qianhua herself was born in 2002, she looks lively and lovely, but the training heart is particularly tough.During the training, she broke her foot and injured her shoulder, but she never asked for a day’s leave. Even once she got acute nephritis, she soon adjusted her body and returned to the team to continue training.The picture shows Chen Degen in the competition.Liu Rongsheng and Chen Degen, both post-00s athletes, have only been training for three years since 2019.Through their efforts, they represented not only themselves but also Hebei to compete in the cross-country skiing event at the Winter Olympics for the first time.These Chinese young people, who are full of optimism, strength, youth and confidence, will surely shine with their most beautiful smiles.Hard work never deceives.Watch the dream, the future can be!Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympic Movement, once said: “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle.”The Winter Olympics will soon end, the struggle will not stop.Please remember the names of these striver – steel snowmobiles athletes YanZheng snowmobiles athletes Li Chunjian winter cross-country skiing athletes Liu Rongsheng, two athletes 闫星 yuan de-gen Chen women hockey players li qian hua figure skater Kim dapao snowboarding women U site skills players Cai Xuetong let us to them, their coaches and teammates,And all the behind-the-scenes heroes who have contributed to the development of snow and ice sports in Hebei!(Editor/Zhang Yuhao, Xue Yuehu) Follow Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.