Urban renewal “Yilian sample” : one hand hard technology, one hand soft power, “spread out” Sunjiatan happy life

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Wang Beibei, a financial reporter at Tuyere, said, “I can’t imagine how much has changed. We villagers will soon be able to live in new houses. We are all looking forward to this day.”West coast new district Sun Jiatan community Party secretary, Sun Jiatan village share economic cooperative party general branch secretary Sun Kai Rong sigh.Before the Spring Festival, Qingdao West Coast New District yinzhu Street focus on promoting people’s livelihood project – Sunjiatan resettlement area project Open Day and model room opening ceremony was held.In a few months, nearly 2,300 residents of Sunjiatan will move into their long-awaited new homes.The Sunjiatan Resettlement Project is a livelihood project of west Coast New Area launched in 2019 with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan.As a new benchmark for urban upgrading, the construction of this brilliant project also highlights the strength of Yilian Group as a “service provider for urban upgrading”.In the new era, urban renewal is a must-answer question for current and future Chinese urban managers.In 2021, urban renewal was written into the government work report for the first time, laying the foundation for its strategic position during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It reflects that urban construction is no longer blindly pursuing scale expansion, urbanization is shifting from extension expansion to connotation development, and constantly improving people’s well-being.Saying beach community, for example, after the completion of the project, will address the original bamboo slips beach village houses old, poor living conditions, municipal facilities are not complete, daily life is convenient wait for a problem of the people’s livelihood, thoroughly improve community residents living environment, improve residents get feeling, happiness, will also make double bead road west coast along the eastern modern city landscape panoramic rendering.On February 9th, Qingdao held the mobilization conference of urban renewal and urban construction for three years, sounding the bugle of urban renewal and urban construction.Under the dual stimulation of favorable policies and industrial transformation, urban renewal is becoming the “next outlet” of many industries.Opportunity favors the prepared enterprise.Billion group along the way, from beginning to end to stick to “grounding the livelihood of the people, to live and work in peace and contentment” of the enterprise mission, adhere to customer demand-oriented, around the “intelligent community, green livable, high-quality goods to become” the product positioning, pay attention to design, highlight the characteristics and build benchmarking, carefully build livable for the people, appropriate, appropriate the living space.”Yilian Group has experience in village reform and has a sense of responsibility, so we actively seek them for village reform.”Mr Sun said.It can be said that the word of mouth of the project shows the trading strength of Yilian from one side., according to hundred million lian, deputy general manager of real estate Zhang Xitang million united real estate to seize the opportunity of urban upgrading and beautiful village construction, customer thought as the guidance, take the customer demand as the construction of product research and development direction, development and construction of the yellow sea area, small community, elegant panxi city, riverside after yue ling Ming, riverside cullinan, JingLin nine sequence, Oriental fashion center, and a series of high-quality goods project.The award of “2020 World Habitat · Landscape Gold Award” has laid a foundation for Yilian Real Estate to build Sunjiatan resettlement area into a benchmark of quality, culture and warmth.”Building a resettlement area is not just about building a few buildings, but about creating a happy home for the local people.”Zhang Xitang said.In the Project of Sunjiatan resettlement area, people see the sincerity of Yilian Group.Although the building is a new community, but for sunjiatan community residents, it is a new home with memories.Sunjiatan village has a history of more than 200 years in the west Coast new Area.On the site of the original village, there is an ancient locust tree planted by local residents to commemorate their hometown, which symbolizes the yearning of generations of Villagers in Sunjiatan for their hometown and becomes an important symbol for everyone to remember history.”In order to preserve nostalgia, we started to study the feasibility of preserving ancient locust trees in the early stage of the project, in order to preserve history and culture for local residents.”According to Zhang xitang, the ancient locust tree has been well protected, and the future landscape will be built around the tree to preserve the roots of Sunjiatan culture.”Our village is low-lying, and every time it rained heavily, our house would be flooded, sometimes up to my thighs.”At the Open Day of the Sunjiatan Resettlement project, a villager said, “After we move here, we don’t have to worry about rainy days anymore. Besides, our children go to school, life and transportation are very convenient.”According to reports, in the Sunjiatan resettlement area project, Yilian to create rainwater recycling system, highlighting the concept of “sponge city”;The underground garage is equipped with integrated dehumidification system, which can keep dry and clean for a long time.At the same time, the project is also equipped with high standards of kindergarten, supermarket, etc., to meet the daily needs of residents.Yilian Group’s understanding of urban upgrading is not only reflected in humanistic space design, but also in the “core strength” of construction, which is the magic weapon for Yilian to stand out in urban renewal.Placed in bamboo slips beach area projects department, has a “BIM + wisdom site command center”, “this is equivalent to installed the ‘wisdom of the brain to the site and by mobile phone APP, anywhere, head of the construction of construction quality check, upload, rectification, submit, to achieve the quality and safety from inspection to the rectification of the whole process management.”According to the staff of the scene, “BIM + wisdom site”, the solution of building structure, construction process, mechanical and electrical wiring, pipes, collision and rehearse, realize visualization clarificaiton before construction, but also did the number of manpower and material required to calculate in advance engineering comprehensive management, completely subvert the traditional way of the construction and management,Also realized the fine construction of the building.”We are in the forefront of the industry in smart site construction and BIM technology application.It is to make the traditional construction industry not traditional and stabilize the four beams and eight columns of the building with science and technology that can really hold up people’s happy life.”Qingdao billion united Holding group general manager Li Haitao said.”In addition to the ‘hard power’, E-Link also has significant ‘soft power’ to inject vitality into urban renewal.”Li Haitao said that in the past 46 years, Yilian started from traditional architecture, and has been constantly innovating, upgrading and strategic transformation. Now, it has penetrated into many emerging fields such as fashion, creativity and smart technology. “All businesses have their endogenous logic, that is to serve urban renewal and be a builder of better life.”The group’s Yilian Technology is “good at” breaking through the pain points of grassroots governance, and is a benchmark enterprise in the field of green and smart community.Its take charge of the product – “e al intelligence community” solutions, innovative put forward by the party leading the grassroots governance, using brain intelligent systems to build community, the community has solved the hard landing, “basic party at the grass-roots level management hard to solve, the masses accurate service” the three major difficulties, greatly improved the grass-roots government in party building, management and service ability,It also uses building networking platform, party construction leading cloud platform and digital technology to provide technical support for urban renewal business.At present, the product has been in Qingdao North district, west Coast new District, Jinan Pingyin County, Sichuan Luzhou and other cities.On the building, to inject new vitality into the city is the “master play” of Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group under Yilian Group.It is understood that China Textile Yilian has carried out four consecutive China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week, and the Oriental Fashion Center, as the carrier of the activity, is the intelligent · full experience fashion creative industry ecological park created by Yilian.With fashion as the theme, the high-end resources and talents of the industry will be injected into the park, not only to invigorate the fashion industry in a park, but also to make fashion become a name card of the city.The reporter learned that around the “Original Design Trading Center”, the platform has more than 10,000 designers, more than 1,500 contracted designers, service for all kinds of design colleges and fashion enterprises more than 200.”Through our efforts in the fashion industry, we have gained recognition and support from the industry, and the Oriental Fashion Center is becoming a new landmark of fashion art.”Li haitao said that it is a high-level form of urban renewal to gather culture and industries and lead a new way of life.It is by virtue of the advantages of traditional and innovative industry convergence development that Yilian Group has enough confidence and confidence in the new track of urban renewal.Li Haitao said that the core of the urban renewal mode of Yilian Group, from fashion industry, smart park to humanistic concept, is to integrate urban renewal into urban development and bring new vitality to the city.