Suitable for single hair super A copy

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Human love is too common, as a person to see the sunrise.It is better to turn in blank papers than to have wrong answers.I admit I was tempted, but it was important, so I didn’t say anything.The journey of a young girl should be to become a rich woman, not to be trapped in love.Clearly one person can eat two things, so what is the purpose of the object, is to rob me?There is no love at first sight, nor the patience of love over time.Love and all that stuff affects me too much.Single good single good, single want to and who good and who good.Tell the peach blossom need not blossom, Lao Tze grows a sea of flowers.I have enough fun soul to survive being single.High-end players free bureau, less love more fish.Being single for a while, being single all the time.Love all things, no love, no exception.Long-term boyfriend, no long-term boyfriend.Alone with an umbrella, rain will not fall on the shoulder.Seagulls can fly higher if they are not attached to the sea.Occasionally envy lovers, but still glad freedom late, late, can meet on the encounter, not so.