Offering the most “honest” Liu Ruoying music gut-wrenching forced the most sincere tears

2022-06-16 0 By

Yes Entertainment On January 27, 2021 – “Literary diva” Ruoying Liu released the 15th album “Each Well”, the album 11 songs bearing different emotional weight, whether mature and bold, brave lonely, willing to admit, comfortable face, let go of relief, encourage company, 10 months from the album release,But make each song to savor all sorts of “ok” appearance, season in 2022, Rene offer “honest” MV, hope to be honest with all kinds of state, in the New Year, embrace oneself more “ok”, through open self-talk, sincere emotion, fans commented is one of the best New Year gift.The music video for “Honesty” premiered yesterday.”Honest” by the golden melody awards lyrics, best album producer Chen chien-chi David gleit wrote words to music, music videos, invite director Yao Guozhen directed, deep depicting milk tea together the most exquisite emotions, she said: “the honesty is blowback strong a song for me, in fact, I don’t know what the text used to describe, because in the lyrics, music.”When shooting the music video, although milk tea was filmed in various ways, such as running until gasping for breath or constantly jumping in place, she laughed and said, “I spent a whole year’s exercise on this MV.” Finally, she chose the most natural light, the purest background and the most honest milk tea with the most original color concept.MV can see milk tea is the most honest emotions, think of you now life is not easy, everyone has to have an honest in the face of such situation, sing at the end of the very deep feelings to shed tears, in the face of life’s feeling into text, notes, and image, truthfully record album in the respective well, also hope that everybody in the New Year each well, looking forward to meet.