Is fund company deficit important to base civilian?Founder Fubang Fund lost 19.9092 million yuan in 2021

2022-06-16 0 By

The public fund companies we contact daily are not listed companies, so we cannot see the standard financial statements similar to those disclosed by listed companies.However, the controlling shareholders of many fund companies are listed companies, so the financial data of some fund companies can be glimpsed.At present, it happens to be the disclosure period of the 2021 annual report of the listed company. There are 47 known financial data, and the better performance is the head fund company that investors are familiar with.Investors pay little attention to the financial performance of fund companies because they feel normal about their performance.However, Founder fubon’s performance has attracted some criticism.According to the annual report of Founder Securities, Founder Fubang Fund achieved revenue of 181 million yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 36.63%;The deficit reached 19.9092 million yuan, an increase of 2.8901 million yuan compared with 2020.In fact, 2021 will be a loss, the key is that 2020 is also a loss, in tracing past performance found that Founder Fubang fund in recent years is almost annual losses.Kuant fund company is not a listed company, there is no “delisting”.But the question comes, will the company with continuous losses fail? If the fund company fails, what will happen to the funds held by investors?Answer the question first.First of all, the development of public funds so far, there has been no fund company bankruptcy.It is not that they are too big to fail, but that they are backed by big institutions.According to the laws and regulations of public fund, the assets purchased by investors do not belong to the fund company’s own assets.At the same time, investors purchase the assets of the fund under the custody of a third party.Even if the fund fails, investors’ money will not be used to pay off the fund’s debts.To fund investor character, the profit and loss of fund company, the relation with oneself is really not big.Annual fund annual report, or quarterly report, we can see a large number of funds current profit “floating red”, and the weighted average net profit margin “negative”.Namely so-called “fund makes money, base civilian does not make money”.So how will Founder Fubon’s fund products fare in 2021?The top 10 products of 2021 weighted average net profit margin are as follows: Excluding fund products established by Founder Fubon Fund in 2021, the stock products of this fund company are basically “win-loss” with investors.In combination with the changes in the share of the fund, taking the change in the share of Founder Fubon’s innovation power as an example, it shows that the investors of Founder Fubon fund neither chase the high nor blindly fight the decline.What’s wrong with that?