Without The mind of Ming LAN, but with the means of Mo LAN, yan Yu Fu, why does she become a winner

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In “Do you know whether it should be Green, fat and thin”, The only trick of Sheng Mo LAN, even if she successfully married high, she is also recognized as the loser.Her husband was the second patriarch of the second generation. He was idle and negligent all day, and had no responsibility as the head of the family.In addition, he also like philandering, no matter who married him can not experience the sweet love!Unfortunately, Moran was so preoccupied with moving up the ladder that she was attracted by his family background and ignored his shortcomings.In order to marry Mr. Right, she did not hesitate to take risks, first unmarried first pregnant, after calculating sheng home old lady to intercede, her wishful thinking just count.As a result, her step by step, so that she lost the wife and soldiers, she lost fame, father’s love, but also caused the pain of her mother, she did not get happiness, her tragic outcome is SOB.The Bright orchid of great wisdom is like a fool (Zhao Liying is acted the role of), then chess is superior, she wants to have a good belonging likewise, but she did not fight for by any means or means, she is in favor of the situation, even if she lost the good predestined relationship with small father father, she also did not regret, finally her marriage is still lost of mulberry yu, receive of east corner, her happy life makes a person admire!Because of poisoning “Know”, I have always thought that similar to The girl Mo LAN is difficult to harvest happiness, but “Yan Yan fu” Qiu Yan has refreshed my cognition.Without The mind of Ming LAN, but with the means of Mo LAN, yan Yu Fu, why does she become a winner?One, Qiu Yan is as stubborn as weed, want to have a glimmer of life only, she won’t abandon Qiu Yan (Qiao Xin is acted the role of) and Black orchid want to marry tall like, then, when parents arranges her to marry the son of he general, she accepted the decision of parents gladly.He general high power, Qiu Yan can give him when daughter-in-law, also be a beautiful thing, unfortunately, this marriage is a bureau from beginning to end, she lost innocent reputation for this.Later, old Lady Qiu arranged for her marriage, either as a house-filling job or to a merchant’s home.In the face of such a situation, Qiu Yan calmly and calmly responded, she used her own value to prove to the old lady that she was not useless, so she had the right to marry.Second, Qiu Yan was thoughtful. She examined her marriage object from the details. Qiu Yan was married for the first time, because it was arranged by her parents and the matchmaker, she did not have the opportunity to investigate her future husband’s conduct.As a result, she was married to a man who already had a lover, but also died in front of her, so that she was labeled as a “husband.”Qiu Yan, she decided to marry no longer submissive to accept the arrangement of elders, she is close to the hot Qin Xuan, and get his favor.She knew that Kou Aunt wanted to expose her and Qin Xuan’s affair, she took the opportunity to spick foot, let Kou Aunt caught them, Qin Xuan helpless can only publicly.In a critical moment, Qin Xuan did not abandon her, let Qiu Yan more believe that he can be entrusted with life.Unfortunately, at this time they do not have the ability to survive independently, he gave her love can only be a mirror in the water flower.If Qiu yan is willing to give Qin some time, when he is successful, they may be able to tie the knot.Qiu Yan’s step by step, but let her miss this true love!Fortunately, the scriptwriter is qiu Yan’s mother, and Her real husband is Liang Yi, a upstart in the dynasty, who has the right to make marriage decisions. In addition, the higher his credit is, the more he should keep a low profile, so it is also a good choice for him to marry Qiu Yan, a popular girl.Qiu Yan and Liang Yi are childhood sweethearts. When they grow up, they talk about love. Their love is like water dripping through a stone.