The former head of Dahua county, Guangxi Province, and 31 other people were removed from poverty alleviation nests after their housing was converted into a hotel

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“In the past, projects in towns and villages were contracted out by well-connected companies.Now, the village has set up a collective company, and we can work with the village construction team so that we can take care of our families.””The engineering companies in each village were established in succession after September 2021. Over the past six months, they have undertaken 17 engineering projects, bringing more than 300 villagers to find jobs and increase their income at home.”These changes in the speech of the masses have benefited from the special rectification of the bidding and bidding for the project of relocation of poor people from inhospitable areas carried out by Hechi City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Under the deployment arrangement of Hechi Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision combined with the local reality, focusing on prominent problems in the field of people’s livelihood, deployed and carried out special rectification in the whole city, and seriously investigated and dealt with the violations of discipline and law, such as the illegal intervention of party members and leading cadres and staff, and interfering in engineering projects.A total of 31 people, including 1 department-level and 8 section-level cadres, were investigated, and the main suspects were sentenced to seven to 12 years in prison.19 bribe-bribers were taken lien measures, some were transferred to judicial organs……Pull out this nest case is an autonomous region party committee ninth inspection group found that reflects dahua Yao Autonomous County state-owned assets Investment and Management Co., Ltd. will be relocated to the county for poverty alleviation housing for profit business activities of the problem clues.Originally, nanning earth fuyuan real estate development Co., Ltd. many years ago in dahua county development named “jiangbin garden” many commercial buildings.In 2016, dahua County government “purchased instead of built” more than 450 sets of commercial housing for the relocation of poverty alleviation in inyi areas, of which more than 50 sets were handed over to the county state-owned Assets Investment and Management Co., Ltd. for management and use, the company was used as a hotel.”Why the change of use?There may be something fishy going on here.”After receiving the clue, hechi city discipline inspection committee supervision committee immediately established investigation group, follow the line of deep digging.During the inspection, a payment request report attracted the attention of investigators.According to the investigation, in 2016, the boss of the enterprise asked wei Xiaoqiang, then head of Dahua County, and Huang Bihai, executive deputy head of the county, to help buy jiangbin Garden commercial housing for the relocation of poverty alleviation and promised to give “thank you fee”.Wei xiaoqiang and Huang Bihai, the group leader, tacitly signed the report.Among them, Wei Xiaoqiang got “allowance” 7.5 million yuan, Huang Bihai got 3.5 million yuan.The city commission for Discipline inspection and supervision held a case analysis meeting, from a large number of data from the cocoon, found that these illegal businessmen and enterprises not only to Wei Xiaoqiang, Huang Bihai bribery, but also suspected of bribery to other state staff.After grasping the bribery crime facts, the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision investigated 19 businessmen and bosses in accordance with the law and took detention measures, and other related problems have been exposed.As the investigation gradually in-depth, in wei Xiaoqiang before the original county magistrate LAN Ruixuan and other important involved in the case of personnel also surfaced.As the former national poverty-stricken county, With the deepening of the battle against poverty, a large number of poverty alleviation projects, funds and policies have been launched, becoming the “flesh of Tang Priest” in the eyes of some party members and cadres.After investigation, LAN Ruixuan for his brother to contract duyang middle school low-cost housing project and other 16 projects to provide help, accepted 3.65 million yuan in bribes.Yao Liangcai, the former deputy head of the county, took advantage of his position in charge of many projects in housing, municipal affairs and land departments to help individual businessmen and bosses in poverty alleviation relocation and shantytown reconstruction, and accepted 5.67 million yuan in bribes.Yao Liangcai was investigated after reflection said, he went on the road of violation of discipline and law, an important reason is “the upper beam is not straight under the beam crooked, the county head to the deputy head of the county, in charge of the deputy head of the department to say hello, recommend the engineering team, director and head of the unit have contact with the individual boss.Gradually form a “corrupt community”.Wei Jianlu, the former party secretary and director of the county Culture, Radio, Film, Sports and Tourism Bureau, arranged the project owner to undertake the road traffic improvement project and extracted 8% to 10% of the project cost, a total of 1.5 million yuan as a “thank-you fee”, of which 1 million yuan was given to wei Xiaoqiang, the county head at that time.Go to rot to pluck out the sore, cure disease.Hechi city held the whole city warning education conference, 9 cadres take the initiative to explain the problem.The “four forms” were used accurately. Among the 31 cadres involved, “the first form” was used to criticize and educate 2, and “the second form” was used to deal with 3, so as to achieve an organic unity of political effect, discipline and law effect and social effect.The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Hechi Instructed relevant units to systematically sort out the risks of power operation in key areas and key positions, and urged relevant units to strictly implement the systems of leading cadres reporting on their duties and integrity, individual reporting on major issues, and collective decision-making on “three major issues”.Focus on project examination and approval regulation, construction bidding, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, such as key areas and crucial links, start the build “deputy in charge of, at the” regulation, collective leadership, democratic decision-making power operation mechanism and so on the formulation and revision of the 24 systems work, improve the prevention and control measures to reduce power rent-seeking space, continues to purify politics.Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily