Living with a hot designer, admitting that he’s dating

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A dong-A Ilbo reporter met model and actress Yoshiko Suhara in Tokyo in early March.There was also a man in a hat.Hands on each other’s waists, the two look into each other’s eyes, looking very close.They entered a sushi restaurant.Suwon Is living in her home with her lover.We heard this from the fashion industry a few days ago.Details are as follows.Suwon made her debut as an actress in the 2010 movie ‘Norwegian Wood,’ where she played the protagonist’s lover.In 2018, she completely broke away from her previous agency and started her own studio. Since then, she has acted in movies such as “Tokyo Ladies” and TBS DRAMA “The Good Wife.””Suwon has more than 6.4 million followers on Instagram, just behind Naomi Watanabe and Lola.She said on a variety show that she “falls in love like ordinary people,” and it was reported that she was dating actress Yoo Hei Nomura (28) from 2015 to 2017.Suwon’s “new lover” is a handsome man in his early 30s.Whether suwon is at home or not, he can come and go freely.Dong-a Ilbo reporter saw him driving suwon’s favorite new energy vehicle to his studio.The president of Suwon Studio is her mother.But suwon does all the work and her boyfriend seems to help her.On the day our reporter met them, Suwon smiled broadly at the man after coming out of the sushi restaurant and got into his car, which they then drove home.■ No need to hide a relationship!?A Dong-A Ilbo reporter had a live interview with Suwon about her love life.It reads as follows.We’re from Women Themselves and we want to ask you about men living with you.We saw you on a date at the sushi restaurant. Are you two dating?’Ah – yes.Heh heh, yes, he is my boyfriend. “She was a little confused at first, then readily admitted love.We were surprised to hear such candid responses, such as, Please talk to me through an agency, a friend of mine, or a staff member.”Suwon was photographed with the same man many times when she was in love.I guess suwon s personal style is not to have secret love, said a fashion industry source above. How long have they been dating?”We were friends before and we were together before we knew it” — currently thinking of getting married?”I’m not thinking about that at the moment (laughs)” — I heard that he also helps with the business of the studio. What does he do?”Is he?It’s in the fashion industry. It’s a fashion designer.”– Business partners and lovers?”Yes, I can say that,” Suwon said frankly to the reporter’s questions.Her denial of marriage plans can also be traced to an interview she gave a year and a half ago.”In my early twenties I had fantasies about marriage. I wanted to get married sooner.But now it’s just two people together.Marriage is slipping further and further out of the picture.Maybe it’s because my parents are divorced, so I don’t seem to see the value in the institution of marriage.Now I feel like living together is good, don’t need to get a license.”(August 2020 issue of ViVi) From the generous response to the dong-A Ilbo, we can easily feel that Suwon is living an ideal and fulfilling life with her lover.(Lamb/Translation)