3 years apple fan to Xiaomi 12 Pro, experience for a month?Better than an iPhone, I’d say

2022-06-15 0 By

I used to use domestic mobile phones in school, but later I bought an iPhone 11 after I earned some money from my job.And then use the present all the time.It turns out that iphones are actually quite inconvenient at work.In addition to the smoothness of the system, there are actually a lot of bugs. I don’t know why everyone is following the bandwagon and saying iPhone is good.I remember my first cell phone was Redmi. My dad bought it for me.At that time, the experience was very good, so I decided to use Xiaomi’s high-end digital series.I haven’t paid attention to Android phones for a long time. What I didn’t expect is that there is so much competition between domestic phones and every manufacturer makes phones so well.I ordered a Xiaomi 12 Pro online.I have been using it for a month. Tell me about my personal experience.First of all, I think the system is similar to that of iPhone. Maybe I’m not a heavy phone user, so I think Xiaomi 12 Pro has no problem in daily use. I can open and close APP smoothly, and I like the small window function very much.Small window mode can be exhaled at any time.This is much more humanized than iPhone. IPhone must exit and open wechat to reply to messages.And to the game when the small window interface is too god, when the call will not be forced to exit the interface, only at the top of the phone to remind you, will not disturb me to play the game, praise ah!And signal this is the fatal shortcoming of iPhone, no indoor calculated, I can not stand on the road!The Xiaomi 12 Pro has a pretty good reception, and I can video chat on wechat even on the subway.And the Xiaomi 12 Pro doesn’t lose on photography either, with 50 megapixels including ultra HD main camera, portrait and ultra wide Angle, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The Xiaomi 12 series is powered by the new Xiaomi Image Brain.In the imaging speed and quality have been greatly improved, the most obvious perception is the speed of photography, whether continuous shooting, or capture, imaging is very fast.Basically, when you press the button to open the door, you can see the image. I think it is very practical in daily life. Many mobile phones, including iPhone, press the shutter and hold it for several seconds before you see the image.Focus tracking is also very sensitive.Xiaomi 12 Pro’s 120W fast charge really shocked me, I seem to have never seen the market, before charging is needed in hours as a unit, now is in minutes as a unit, 20 minutes can be full!It’s so cool!Feel the cool point of Android phone for the first time, suggest iPhone learn, don’t keep the 20W.Now Xiaomi 12 Pro’s playability is too much higher than iPhone, not until you use it will you know the fragrance of domestic phones!