Playwright’s inertial thinking and capital promotion

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Most people who like to watch movies will see a phenomenon, that is, a well-known movie actor who plays a positive role is famous, and will still play a positive role in the subsequent movies, and even the professional identity will not change, but the name of the character is changed, and the plot is basically the same.The same goes for characters who play villains, most of whom will play similar characters in the movies, making it easy to guess who they are.In other words, they are labeled with certain characters and are highly recognizable.So, by inference, does capital drive their character-building activities, and thus affect the creation of playwrights?It should be.Films can be made by investment, even small – budget films still need investment to start shooting.After the capital is involved in the film shooting, it will play a certain role in the development of the film.Early coal boss investment, casual introduction of actresses still let people remember, of course will arrange their own people to play the leading role, or become the supporting role of the leading role.To now, has long become a flow of stars acting that set, capital to flow of stars on the money, so that they hold up the entire box office.With the flow of stars to join, the flow of the movie will also go up.There are movies that directly rely on traffic accumulation, but only rely on fans to ensure the box office of hundreds of millions of movies, which is a relatively successful case of fan economic operation.Traffic stars need to set up personas, and these personas must be referred to when they play movies, so as not to play the character character and they usually set up personas contradict each other, so that fans can not accept, but also can not guarantee the box office traffic income.So, a lot of flow stars play a positive role in the movie, and the movie is sold, the fame of flow stars is more popular, and even has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, hit a certain label or brand, let people think that they are that kind of role.In the follow-up film shooting, the investors will comprehensively consider the label effect of the flow stars, and design some role images for them that are not much different from the previous roles, so as to maintain their acting image, so as not to be so far apart that the audience will have a sense of alienation.In fact, or to ensure box office flow, but dare not big hands, also dare not have what innovation.After the film was incorporated into big data analysis of traffic data, the labels are big data traffic star, put into a certain character traits of character, and they play role, accumulated certain experience, plays a similar role when the later can use previously accumulated experience to further improve their performance, and even can achieve self growth until the point of perfection.Perhaps acting is a kind of learning and growth, much more so than drama school or film school.Under such data to support that investors always respect big data analytics, will see the big data to the flow of stars and fans labeled, classification, can also see the flow of all kinds of fans like star, set as well as the relationship between the characters, of course not big move this relationship, but to keep the advantage of traffic star characteristics.In other words, as soon as someone becomes famous for acting, investors will come to him and offer him a role similar to his previous role to maintain a steady stream of traffic.Therefore, many stars have become a fixed role, will not become a positive and negative role exchange of the old opera bone, will not become and their own set too much different from the role, but solidified role identity characteristics, of course, can only work on a role.To put it bluntly, they mostly play one type of role, not many types of role.Once stars’ roles are defined, playwrights are less likely to give them roles that are too fluid.And the playwright’s creation is also subject to the intervention of capital, otherwise the script can not be sold, is it not a waste of work?Investors have identified the supporting role of big data. According to the analysis of big data, the playwright should clearly see the label effect of traffic stars and fans, so as to determine the role of characters, but also take into account the cognitive limit of the audience, pay attention to the group psychological identity, and can not touch the red line of ideology.As a result, the creation of playwrights will be limited to a narrow field, and they can only create some subject matter that is allowed by capital, and they can only write according to big data analysis.Therefore, many movies have the same phenomenon, most of the things are bad at the beginning, through the efforts of the protagonist, to the end must be a happy ending, and there will not be any bad guy to defeat the good ending.Of course, the truth is that bad guys have always existed and will not be wiped out.Otherwise, there would have been no crime and no war.Then, film belongs to art products, should come from life than life, and a playwright can only focus on that part of the higher than life, want to let the happy at the end of film, is also difficult to get an open end, some still get an egg to illustrate some of the open thought, actually already happy, there would be no need to gild the lily, the so-called eggs,They just stretch the audience to watch the cast list and listen to the ending song for the sake of big data traffic.When creating a film, the playwright has already assigned a character label to the role, and also needs to design some plots that interest the audience who are labeled as interested, so as to attract traffic and gain high income at the box office.Then, in the long run, playwrights will maintain a certain inertia of thinking, to label actors’ interests, to cater to the audience, to take into account the opinions and suggestions put forward by the capital side at any time, of course, to take into account the ideological red line, to take into account the acceptability of the audience.In this way, the playwright can be kidnapped by big data, kidnapped by investors, unaware of it, or aware of it, but powerless to fight it.Capital control film and television industry is, in fact, capital control of the large data already dominates the development of film and television industry, from to the actors and the audience interested in labels, the dramatist create many plot the same movie, mostly by capital, scores go Hollywood films, for many, many traffic star, bizarre plot twists and turns, fascinating, finally come to a happy.The audience saw too much, that’s what it is, no interest.For inexperienced young people, not many movies, also from the vulgar, buy tickets to see.Perhaps a playwright should break out of the rut and make films that follow his heart, win an international award and stand up for his work.Otherwise, just make money, with inertial thinking logic creation, can not avoid flow as the end.However, they also have their own reason, made money is successful, but also want to what art and awards?Money is to live their conscience and labor, as for breakthrough and innovation and awards, can only be the matter of the foot, or not to consider at all.However, to create a really good film with artistic level is absolutely not something that needs to be carried on, nor can it be done with investment. It needs the playwright to create seriously, the director to direct seriously, and the actors to break through their own image and perform seriously.The spirit of conscientiousness is lost when the playwright works according to conventional thinking.