Daily dispatch is the “dedication blessing” of the construction site of key projects

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Editor’s note: Another Chinese New Year is here.People look forward to the renewal of vientiane and work hard in the new journey.The footsteps of the dreamers never stop, from the city to the countryside, from the coast to the frontier, thousands of people sweat on the earth.They have witnessed the development of The Times, enjoyed China’s opportunities, and promoted China’s development.The real life is at the grassroots level.Adhering to the principle of “three approaches” and practicing “change”, dazhong organizes editors and reporters to go deep into different parts of the country, enter the “battlefield” of different industries and the life of different families, listen attentively, record with pen, and tell Chinese stories in the new era with emotion.
Wangguanbo, poster news reporter, Zhao Qingchuan, Dezhou reported the warm winter sun, the sky is wide.January 24 is the 22nd day of the 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. As the Spring Festival approaches, the atmosphere of the festival is getting stronger and stronger. People are also making the journey home to have fun with their loved ones.However, the construction site of the Texas Economic Zone National North Emergency (medical) rescue Integrated Demonstration Area is still a busy scene.At about 7 o ‘clock in the morning, Chen Guoqing, head of the engineering department of Dezhou Park Development and Investment Co., LTD., began to drive across the downtown area of Dezhou to the site of the project.This situation has lasted for about a year since the construction of the project started in January 2021.Arriving at the scene, Chen Guoqing to do the first thing is to lead the “safety inspection team” around the park inspection.As the year draws near, production safety becomes more important.The “safety inspection team” shall be established by the project management unit, supervision unit and general contractor respectively.”Safety in production, project progress and civilized construction are the key points in our inspection.It takes about two hours to complete the inspection, but this is not to be ignored.”Chen guoqing said that after this round, he could have a clear idea of the whole project and feel more secure.In the southwest corner of the park, row upon row of three wooden houses built with colorful steel plates is the office of the engineering and Project department of the park.Into the office, piled on the desk about half a meter high drawings attracted the attention of reporters.”This is only half of the project drawings of the whole demonstration area, which are stacked here for us to check and schedule at any time.”Chen Guoqing saw, quickly explained.”So far, the project has been completed 80 percent of the time.””It is good that the project progresses quickly, but it is more important to pay attention to the safety of workers and the proper fire control measures.””Worker practices still need to be improved, and that needs to be looked at.”At the daily dispatch meeting, Chen Guoqing and others exchanged views on the inspection situation.Indoor scheduling, outdoor construction.Accompanied by the roar of the machine, more than 60 workers are scattered in various areas of the main building of the project in the cold weather, working without a break.The sound of welding, cutting and hammering on the spot, interwoven with the roar of the machine, plays the “charge call” of major project construction.As a major provincial project in 2021, the National Northern Emergency (medical) rescue comprehensive demonstration Zone has already pressed the “fast key”. In the second half of 2021, the project will be listed as a key project of “wall map Operation” in Dezhou City.Due to the number of foreign businessmen queuing in the park, the construction speed of the second phase has put forward higher requirements.However, the special geographical location affects the approval speed of land indicators.”The land in the second phase is located across two regions, one is the canal zone and the other is the open zone, which involves two towns and two villages. The demolition and resettlement work is quite difficult. According to the normal process of land acquisition, it will take about six months or even longer.”Chen Guoqing said.The slow progress is mainly due to the fact that there are many departments involved, complicated links and difficult coordination.”This includes the land acquisition agreement, the investigation and demarcation map sealing work, the compilation of social security, woodland approval and other work links.Through the wall map operation, the integration of specialized teams was promoted, and the time was compressed to the shortest possible extent. It only took 54 days from the announcement of the launch to the final completion of the components to the provincial office.”With the second phase solved, Chen Guoqing was able to devote himself to the final work of the first phase of the project.At present, all the 28 plants of the project have been completed, and the completion and acceptance of the single project have been completed. The single project of the Research Institute is under accelerated construction, and the workers are carrying out the installation and construction of the curtain wall facade.The whole project is under construction and is expected to be completed and put into use in the first half of 2022.Under the premise of ensuring the quality of construction in winter, the project of the Northern National Emergency (medical) rescue comprehensive demonstration zone has gone all out to speed up the construction progress, which has become the epitome of the major project construction in the zone.Looking at the whole open area, a set of excavators work, a forklift shuttle back and forth, everywhere pile tamping sound bursts.Since the beginning of winter, the construction boom in winter has been set off by multiple measures in the opening area. Many projects under construction have been pushed forward in an orderly manner, and the development and construction of infrastructure, commercial, educational, medical and other supporting projects have also run out of “acceleration”, which has accumulated new momentum for the high-quality and sustainable development of the city.